The arrival of a batch from the Saudi Emirates warehouse to the Yemeni plant

On Wednesday, Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik announced that the UAE had transferred one billion 100 million Emirati dirhams to the account of the Central Bank of Yemen as the first payment from the estimated two billion dollar deposit, which also includes Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates providing an oil subsidy and development projects worth a billion dollars.

“The Central Bank of Yemen and the Ministry of Finance will sign the framework agreement for the subsidy with the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia next Sunday, and the filing file will be arranged,” Abdulmalik said, in a press conference in Yemen’s temporary capital, Aden.

He revealed that the Arab Monetary Fund will participate in the organization of the two billion dollar deposit by the Saudi Emirates, announced last April.

He stressed that these important measures have arrived in an important moment and will greatly assist in securing reserves at the Central Bank, appreciating the “established brotherly positions of Saudi Arabia and the UAE and their continued generous development support for Yemen and the Yemenis in light of the current circumstances”. .

The Yemeni prime minister said that the state and the government “have put in implement a series of procedures and options to deal with the repeated terrorist attacks by the Houthi militia and its supporters of the Iranian regime against the oil facilities and capabilities of the homeland and the Yemeni people”, stressing that the attacks on oil facilities represent a dangerous turning point and have a significant negative impact on the humanitarian side.

He accused the Houthi militia of plundering Yemen’s wealth, saying, “The main plunderer of all the country’s wealth is the Houthi militia who plunder communications taxes, Hodeidah port revenues, and earn billions of riyals and have no paid a single salary to an employee”.

Moein Abdulmalik held the Houthi coup terrorist militia responsible for the deterioration of the situation on several levels.

He reiterated that the state, the government and the international community “will not accept the escalation of the Houthis’ terrorist crimes, first of which is targeting oil facilities and other types of terrorism and extortion through which the Houthis seek to gain, not no matter how catastrophic their effects are on the Yemeni citizen, and without regard for the suffering and condition of the citizen who has endured so much suffering.”

He also stressed that “the government’s enthusiasm for the pace and making concessions for the benefit of the Yemeni people does not mean making unacceptable or logical concessions.” He added: “There are those who reject all paths of paceand there will be no stability and a serious approach to paceunless there is complete security for the oil resources”.

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