The Asgardian power of Spider-Man Boost I just got it in turn the power of Venom

ATTENTION: the following contains important spoilers for Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads # 2, available now from Marvel.

Symbiote Spider-Man, a series of connected flashback miniseries, took readers back to one of Peter Parker’s most famous eras, when he obtained the symbiote suit that would later become Venom. While the suit and his powers weren’t enough to keep him from being exiled to the Crossroads by the Asgardians villain Karnilla, it was in able to steal the artifact he was looking for, the Norn Stones.

Thanks to the magic of Karnilla, Spider-Man received another specialization power-up, and this time it is made him strong enough to take on Hulk teasing the symbiote future in the role of poison in Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads # 2 by Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leistein, Frank D’Armata and Joe Sabino from VC.

When Black Cat and Spider-Man showed up to stop the villain Moondark from theft ancient artifacts under cover of night, either of they expected to be discovered up even fighting an Asgardian. But after Karnilla’s power send Peter in another dimension, all Black Cat can do now is seek for help while Spider-Man is lost to the series Crossroads size holder. However, he is not the only hero trapped in this place between places, however, e in the crossroads has arrived face-to-face with the then recently exiled Hulk. Despite their shared history, Hulk was still furious with his fellow Avengers for casting him out in its time of need. in anyway, the power of the Norn Stone gives Spider-Man exactly what he needs to stop the Hulk’s rampage.

First introduced in the Marvel Universe back in 1965 Journey into the mystery #116 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Norn Stones are a few of more powerful artifacts in Asgard. Their first appearance saw them used by Loki in a plot against Thor, something that has happened to many times in the years since then. Not everyone can use the Norn Stones power, however, and those who can are rarely impregnated with the same abilities like others.

In this case, the Norn Stones may not even empower Spider-Man; they could lend their strength to the Venom symbiote that it is wearing. When it flies over his forehead, the Venom symbiote completely envelops him and Spider-Man’s face changes to something more very similar to the Venom appearance of the symbiote. he is not just more threatening. It’s strong enough to take a haymaker straight to the Hulk’s jaw without it moving. After leaving out a small “ow”, hits Spider-Man back with a punch that staggers the Hulk.

The Norn Stones may not be a level upgrade of Captain Universe, the fact that have made Peter and his strong symbiote are equally amazing and unnerving. Even if he has the Hulk on the ropes, there is also do not say that how far Spider-Man is willing to take it fight under the influence of both the Nornstones and the living darkness.

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