The Australian Federal Court confirms the revocation of Djokovic’s visa

SYDNEY: On Sunday the Australian Federal Court upheld the government’s decision to revoke Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic’s visa to enter the country, ending the world’s number one hopes of competing in the Australian Open, winning the 21st major title and establishing a new record world. The three-judge jury listened to government representatives, who made it clear that Djokovic’s continued presence in their country would reinforce the trend against the coronavirus vaccine. in rapid spread and emerging during the worst outbreak of infection in Australia since the outbreak of the pandemic. The decision to exempt Djokovic from the obligation to get vaccinated and allow him to enter the country and compete in the first major league of the season has sparked widespread controversy in Australia, and the question of the Serbian player who has gone beyond the limits of tennis has become a thorny political topic for Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is preparing to contest the elections scheduled for next May. . (Reuters)