The auto tuned to the ECU will now automatically fail i test on California smog

The auto tuned to the ECU will now automatically fail i test on California smog

Smog checks are nothing new in CA, but this rule change is something to be aware of of.

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Here is a good reminder for anyone running a tuned car out in California: How of today, July 19, i test on the state’s notoriously severe smog will be automatically fail whatever car when it detects modified software on board, aka, a tuned ECU. Drivers cannot register a car in state unless it has passed a smog check. Bibles for auto first sighted on updated policy and the California Bureau of Automotive repair confirms the changes on his website.

All is not lost for those who drive a modified car in need of a smog control, however. The state government says drivers can just reset the ECU to OEM standard, pass the smog test and then they do what they want like after that. As long as yours car wonnon throw up his bowels out the execution of a reserve map, drivers should feel good. This is, more than anything else, a good reminder of the policy change.

Furthermore, i test on smog in California will still have zero problems with auto playing ECU tunes with an executive order from the California Air Resources Board. These EO tunes receive approval from CARB, so companies can still sell their tuning tuning services in the state without impact on emissions. If you’re doing an EO ECU tuning, there isn’t need worry about that new policy at all. Furthermore, the policy nothing changes regarding vehicles since 1975 model year and older. they still don’t need a control of smog for registration in the state. The auto nine years or more from the date of sale still require an anti-smog check every two year.

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