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The Avengers still don’t trust the MCU’s new black widow, Yelena Belova


ATTENTION: the following article contains spoilers for Winter Guard No. 1, on sale by Marvel Comics now.

Natasha Romanoff’s Black Widow was a member of the Avengers for decades, functioning like them espionage expert. While Natasha has established herself as a proven leader on the team through decades of service, Marvel heroes don’t trust Yelena Belova as much as they trust Natasha, before this year, Black Widow founded Yelena Belova, who was portrayed by Florence Pugh, as the MCU’s new Black Widow after Natasha Romanoff’s death in Avengers: Endgame.

But Winter Guard # 1, by Ryan Cady, Jan Bazaldua, Djibril Morissette-Phan, Federico Blee and Ariana Maher, shows that the Avengers comics still don’t trust the MCU new Black Widow why of she shadowy past.

The cold war between the Avengers and the Winter Guard is slowly heating up up after the Winter Guard kidnapped She-Hulk and transformed her in Winter She-Hulk. As a part of this war, the superhumans of the Winter Guard has begun to hunt down their old Red Guardian teammates and Yelena Belova. The issue opens with Yelena in The custody of Captain Marvel, questioned about his involvement with the Russian superhero team. When Yelena claims she is not in league with them, Captain Marvel doesn’t believe her. As the interrogation continues, a Spetsnaz team infiltrated the base, only to be stopped by Black Widow, who came just in the nick of time to save Yelena from execution.

After in San Francisco, Black Widow continued the interrogation, but Yelena continued to deny his answers. It is only after Black Widow told Yelena that the Red Guardian was missing that Yelena opens up up her mission in Russia. Black Widow reveals that the Big Dipper was killed by Red Widow, which leads Yelena to tell Black Widow everything she knew about Red Widow and why she took pity on the Winter Guard more than he hated them.

The rest of the issue consists of a flashback from three weeks earlier that follows Yelena and the Red Guardian on their mission to retrieve a briefcase. As they sneak in way in a Russian facility, the duo was attacked by the Winter Guard. Yelena fought Ursa Major, while Red Guardian fought Vanguard and Crimson Dynamo. When he was surrounded, Red Guardian revealed a trick up his sleeve, a mole inside them team he had violated Crimson Dynamo’s armor for he. He set the armor for attack the Winter Guard, allowing Yelena and Red Guardian to dare escape.

Yelena was created by Devin Grayson and JG Jones and debuted in In humans # 5. Alone like Natasha Romanoff, was formed in the Red Room. They also had the same trainer. After he was assassinated, he was activated as new Black Widow to find her killer. Her first mission brought it in conflict with Natasha, a confrontation that Yelena hoped would cement her as the ultimate Black Widow. Later, Yelena defected and started . work for Hydra, who transferred his mind in to new version of the Super-Adaptoid. She was eventually defeated by the Avengers and Hydra put her on in stasis. Years later, she was left out by members of AIM and took identity of Black Widow after Natasha’s appearance death during “Secret Empire”. Given that he has switched sides so much, the Avengers are reasonably very cautious of Working with her.

Meanwhile, Natasha faces no such thing problems embracing Yelena as the new Black Widow because their past is more or not the same. When they first faced each other, Natasha subjected Yelena to torture torture campaign to deprogram it of everything he had learned in the Red Room. As a result, Natasha and Yelena developed a close bond because of their shared trauma, which is why Yelena trusts Natasha with information on the Winter Guard in this issue when he was so reluctant to talk to Captain Marvel. Even if the Avengers still haven’t trusted Yelena like the Black Widow does, they probably will prove essential to treat with the Red Widow and the war in rapid acceleration that is brewing between the Avengers and the Winter Guard.

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