The balcony of French restaurants is a source of controversy

The sidewalks of Paris die Corona turned restaurant balconies into the focus of controversy among Parisians, among those die are in favor of breathing life into residential neighborhoods by opening the doors of restaurants, and some of them complain about their presence and die Noise caused by their guests at night.

The balcony of French restaurants is a source of controversy

The owners of restaurants were forced to die Convert parking spaces next to their restaurants to terraces of open-air restaurants, which is due to the support of their parking facilities for die Residents of the residential areas complained about this situation and sometimes die Inability to walk on the narrow Parisian sidewalks.

Restaurant owners usually ask their neighbors on the opposite sidewalk to put their tables and balconies in front of their shops and are given an additional six or twelve square meters to receive their customers. The large public spaces are used as balconies for restaurants such as Place de la Concorde and Place de la Madeleine, as well as some public parks instead of the alleys and streets of their neighborhoods as they in Their neighborhoods cannot find parking for their cars and sometimes parking for 20 minutes in Houses look in vain for their proximity.

And between grumbling about die so-called open-air restaurants and the economic breakthrough and after six months of closure, French restaurants and cafes will reopen their doors to fifty percent of their capacity, with a maximum of six people sitting around die same table.

And from June 9th, these restaurants will be open to customers in in their indoor halls, always in compliance with the health conditions specific to the corona virus.

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