The Bayern Munich manager expects a tough match against Barcelona and Gnabry travels with the team in Spain

Munich v Germany: Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann said he expected a tough confrontation against Barcelona in the match in program between the two teams at the Camp Nou tomorrow, Tuesday, in the first round of the matches of the group stage of the Champions League, despite the departure of the star: the Argentine Lionel Messi on Barcelona and the arrival at Paris Saint-Germain I do not share the idea that they are now much worse off. In any case, we definitely want to get three points. ”Bayern Munich had a landslide victory over Barcelona 8/2 in the quarter-finals of the European Championship in 2020 and continued their career until they won the title for the sixth. time in its history, despite the enormous resources enjoyed by others club due to getting higher returns from television broadcasts or gaining investor support Nagelsmann believes Bayern should maintain its strong position which cannot be underestimated: “Bayern’s expectations are to be in the top three in Europe, “said Nagelsmann. Of course, this title is the most important in European football.” He added: “I think the players really want to win the title again for that club. And the same for me, of course. “Nagelsmann said that forward Robert Lewandowski will be available to participate in tomorrow’s game, knowing that Lewandowski was among the reserves in yesterday’s Saturday game against Leipzig, as a precaution due to a muscle problem. Serge Gnabry sustained a back injury during the match that ended in a 4-1 win over Leipzig, but will travel with the team in Spain, despite not having participated in today’s full training, but Nagelsmann said it will not be among his options for the main lineup, which makes Jamal Musiala likely to participate. (DPA)

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