The BCCI rejected the Governing Council’s proposal to host IPL 2021 in UAE

There was constant debate about the IPL should were held in India in the first place Accepted rising number of cases in the country.

How in the Times of India report, before start of the tournament had die BCCI die option of Hosting the league in die UAE like last year. The Emirates Cricket Board was also talked about about the same thing but eventually die decision keep going with the original Plan was taken.

“The UAE always was die first choice of the IPL GC for these year’s tournament. One more week before start of IPL, they asked BCCI move the whole event in die UAE. Emirates Cricket Board was also put on instant warning and they were ready to IPL again even if BCCI decided die to move tournament on so brief.

“But nobody in The BCCI showed die Urgency, die to take step. The officers continued to wait for to make each other first move and finally the proposal was shot down”Sources were quoted by TOI as saying.

How die BCCI hosted die Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and die bilateral series against England successfully at the home in the midst of the pandemic, leading to the IPL. There was die board the confidence to host the 2021 IPL in the country.

“The board received a tremendous boost in confidence after running the test, the T20I, and the ODI series against England in three places smoothly. The IPL, however, was far larger challenge with more teams, personnel and venues play;; However, the BCCI believed they were over die Infrastructure to access them off. However, you couldn’t have foreseen that die Situation would worsen so much in the next 20 odd days from start of IPL, “die BCCI source added Furthermore.

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