The beginning of the arrival of the participants in the 2022 Dakar Saudi Arabia Rally

In a climate of great global interest, the starting signal for the events of the Saudi Dakar Rally 2022, the largest event in the world of motorsport, will be launched next Saturday. in one moment in which the anticipation grows with the beginning of the arrival of the participants in the rally for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, determined to light the fire of competition and preparation to embark on a wild journey in the heart of the Saudi desert and challenge the hidden terrain and sand dunes, to ensure the best possible results are achieved in the oldest and most demanding rally in the world.

The Dakar Rally continues to write its history in the Kingdom for the third consecutive year, given its vast deserts, diversity of terrains and beautiful landscapes, which have added more value to the rally, making it the best stage and the perfect new home for the most prestigious gathering in the world.

The characteristics of excitement and excitement began with the influx of teams and competitors into the rally’s six categories as desert rally enthusiasts expect fierce competition in all categories with confirmation of the participation of the most important stars and gods team of rallies in the desert around the world, especially with the changes made at the track level by the organizers of the third edition of the Saudi Dakar Rally 2022. And the sporting regulations to keep up with the new organizational structure between the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile , the FIM and the Love Sports Organization, in how much the rules of the Dakar Rally Saudi will apply to others round of the new FIA World Cross Country Rally Championship.

Participants in the Dakar Rally experience the toughest experiences of motorsports over a period of 14 days in the challenge of the Kingdom’s majestic desert with its rugged terrain to test their endurance for a total distance of 8,375 km, including 4,258 km of prove specials subject to timing, passing through the most beautiful landscapes and archaeological areas of the Kingdom, from 1 to 14 January 2022.

The 44th edition of the Saudi Dakar Rally 2022 attracted more than 1,000 participants in representation of 70 nationalities from all over the world, making it the largest edition in terms of participation in the ancient history of rally.The race also includes 430 vehicles in various race categories and 148 other cars in the “Dakar Classic” category The rally track quest’year consists of a preliminary stage and 12 regular stages, with a rest day in Riyadh, during which the competitors will run 5 stages of round and a marathon.

The riders will begin their arduous journey on January 1st from Jeddah with a short demonstration stage of 19km before reaching Hail, the official competition site, on January 2nd to brave the kingdom’s desert and sand dunes to reach the finish line in Jeddah on January 14th.

It is worth noting that the Dakar Rally is one of the most prestigious races in motorsport, given its size, events and the level of excitement and enthusiasm it guarantees. The other, in strategic cooperation with “Alif Alef Radio” and “Mix FM Radio”.

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