The beginning of the withdrawal process of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" from the aquarium

On Wednesday, December 22, workers and engineers of the 35th shipyard began the process of withdrawing the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov from the dock.

The process will take one month.

This was stated to the Russian TASS agency by a source in the Russian military-industrial complex, indicating that work on the repair and modernization of the aircraft carrier would continue outside the water area.

Currently, the aircraft carrier is undergoing replacement of the engine, catapult, electrical appliances and equipment, runway and modern ship weapons.

Recall that the “Admiral Kuznetsov” project 1143.5 is the only aircraft carrier in the Russian Navy. The ship entered service with the Soviet Army on January 20, 1990.

The aircraft carrier is currently undergoing repairs and upgrades at the 35th shipbuilding plant after it was transferred from the 82nd shipyard to the port of Murmansk in northwestern Russia, where it was involved in a maritime accident.

It is expected that the ship will return to the Russian Navy by 2024, and its service life is expected to be extended by 10 years.

Source: Russian newspaper