The Beginnings of Pokemon: Revealing the Exact Date of Development and the Significance of Mew

The Beginnings of Pokemon

It is often because of their lateness that discoveries have this exciting side. The one made by Pokémon players a few days ago is just as important since it concerns the start of the development of the series. It is on Twitter that Junichi Masuda reveals, what theon suppose to be, the exact date of the beginning of the development of Pokémon. He was an early member of Game Freak and later became producer and director of several games in the series:

It doesn’t take much for the most avid Pokémon to begin their investigation. An investigation that quickly ends with an interesting comparison. July 5 is also the date the Pokémon Mew was discovered. It is a journal of Pokémon Red / Green / Blue (therefore the first generation of games) which reports it. It can be found in a museum at Cramois’Île, south of Bourg-Palette.

Mew, a legendary Pokemon

Coincidence or real will of the developers? The discovery is all the more interesting since Mew is a particular Pokémon. It is considered the scientists by the ancestor of all Pokémon. Something justified in particular by the fact that he can learn all the attacks in the game. It is through this specificity that many teams have sought to reproduce the genome of Mew. This has sometimes led to disaster (Mewtwo for example, which seeks to destroy everything in the first film) but also to the creation of particular Pokémon like Ditto. The latter can model the appearance of each pocket monster without copying their abilities. Enough to give an interesting theory on a secret of Pokémon Scarlet/Purple that has yet to be resolved.

In any state of causea lot of secrets gravitate around Mew. It was integrated as the 151st Pokémon by the developers without the knowledge of Ken Sugimori: the designer of the original Pokémon artwork. To have conceptualized it as the ancestor of all Pokémon, perhaps the responsible developer team had fun making the comparison with the beginnings of the saga. A common date of July 05, therefore.

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