The Benefits of Tuberous Sunflower (Earth Pear) for Diabetes Management: A Doctor’s Perspective

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The Health Benefits of Tuberous Sunflower for Diabetes

Tuberous sunflower or Jerusalem scale (ground pear) is a type of plant belonging to the sunflower genus of the Asteraceae family. It is a perennial plant that produces tubers that grow underground and resemble potatoes.

Interview with Dmitry Bystrov

According to Dmitry Bystrov, associate professor at the Russian University of Biotechnology, diabetes is a chronic disease caused by a lack of insulin production or ineffective use of insulin by the body. Those with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar levels and adhere to a strict diet.

Despite the benefits of tuberous sunflower for diabetes, few people are aware of its advantages for those suffering from the disease.

Health Benefits of Tuberous Sunflower

According to Bystrov, tuberous sunflower, also known as earth pear or sweet potatoes, contains fructose which stimulates insulin production. These tubers are low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids, and essential amino acids. Additionally, they contain prebiotics that improve the digestive microbiome, as well as inulin, a natural polysaccharide that reduces blood glucose levels and improves fat metabolism, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Growing Conditions

Bystrov notes that the tuberous sunflower plant can be grown in all conditions and can tolerate various climates. It can be eaten as tubers, flakes, or even in powdered form. It can also be used to make a sweet-tasting drink without the need for added sugar.

Source: RT

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