The Best 75-inch TV For 2023

The most common size for a TV in a family is 65 inches, but a 75-inch TV is a clear step up. Many of the best TV shows we’ve reviewed are available in this size, as are those fancy OLED TVs (which are actually 77 inches but are still on this list).

I’d recommend going big if you’re on the fence about getting a great 65-inch model or a 75-inch set that works a little worse but costs about the same. Take a step forward if you want to improve your ability to picture things. The best way to spend money on a TV is to get a bigger screen. This is true even if the picture quality, color accuracy, viewing angle, or new features are slightly better. But I’m not telling you to buy a 75-inch TV that doesn’t meet your standards. We made this guide to help you make intelligent financial decisions.

These are the best TVs I’ve looked at, and I put them next to each other to see which would be the best investment for you. My TV lab is currently in my basement. As usual, I looked at the 65-inch size in the series below. Still, the 75-inch versions are almost the same except for the screen size. When I review TVs, I look at things like the number of HDMI ports, how accurate the colors are, the contrast ratio, the refresh rate, how smart the TV is, and more.

Here are my most recent suggestions, which I keep up-to-date like when I review new TVs. Keep in mind the following notes.

  • To look for another size? There are a variety of televisions available in different sizes, such as these: 32″, 43″, 55″, and 65″.
  • If you are afraid about the new 2021 TVs will have some wonderful features or image quality upgrades that you will miss out on if you buy a TV now, relax. As a mature piece of technology, televisions are a good bet if you’re in the market for a replacement right now.
  • See anything down here that matches your search criteria? that’s all of the televisions I have examined, with more Arriving shortly.

I’ve tried a lot of different TVs, but this is the first time I’ve seen a picture this good for so little money. The image quality of the 2020 TCL 6 series is even better than that of its predecessor, thanks to its mini-LED technology and well-implemented full-array local dimming, which makes it easy to run any other TV at this price. He is also an excellent player choice with his new THX mode, which has less input lag and high contrast. Also, the operating system for the Roku TV is our favorite by a long shot.

Outlook 2023: TCL thinks this TV will sell well enough to keep being sold for most of 2021. It shouldn’t be changed until at least the fall and might even last a year. TCL will make and sell an 8K version of the 6 Series, but I don’t think it will be worth the money.

We should find out. Do you want the nicest 75-inch or so TV and have enough money to buy anything you want? Here it is. The LG G1 OLED TV has the best contrast, the widest viewing angle, and the most even brightness of any TV I’ve ever compared it to. Barely beats the photo of the LG CX below and has a more subtle, wall-friendly look. There are no 75-inch OLED TVs on the market, so this 77-inch model is the closest match. There is no better TV in this size range for the money.


The 2020 CX is a better choice overall for people who want a nice OLED TV but only have a little money to spend. The picture quality is almost as good as the G1 above. I measured that the G1 was slightly brighter and processed the video better, but it was hard to tell the difference. The G1’s only real advantage is its subtle design, but the CX is pretty subtle.

Outlook 2023: The 2020 CX is a better choice for people who want a lovely OLED TV but only have a little money because the picture quality is almost as good as the G1 above. I measured that the G1 was a little bit brighter and processed the video better, but it was hard to tell the difference. The G1’s only selling point is that it looks simple, but the CX already looks simple.

Samsung QN90A
Samsung QN90A

You want a high-end TV with a great picture, but you want something other than an OLED? The best choice is the Samsung QN90A. This TV has mini-LED technology called QLED, which makes the picture brighter than any OLED TV. Even though the QN90A is closer than ever, the great contrast of OLED won my side-by-side test.

TCL 4-series Roku
TCL 4-series Roku

Roku is our favorite way to stream apps like Netflix, and this 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TV has it set up even better. This 4K UHD TCL doesn’t do much to improve image quality over the models above with its 4K resolution and HDR capability, but that should be enough for most people at this price point.

Samsung sells more TVs than anyone else, and the Q60A series is among the most popular. The ultrathin OLED models are even more beautiful and have better features and picture quality than cheaper models like the TCL 4 series. However, the elegant design of the TCL 4 series makes it stand out from the other TVs on our list. The other TVs are better deals, but this is a great alternative if you want a 75-inch Samsung TV but can’t afford the QN90A.

Other things to know on the purchase of a new TV

I’m sure you’d be happy with any of the above TVs, but a new Smart TV can be a significant investment so you might be looking for more information. Here is a short, dirty list of one thing.

  • Bigger, in my opinion, is always preferable. Big TVs are cheaper than ever, and your money is best spent on large screen sizes rather than a small boost in image quality.
  • You can always add a media streamer for more content if you don’t like the built-in Smart TV system. They are less expensive, simpler to use, and receive more frequent software updates than most smart TVs. See the top streaming gadgets here.
  • Most TVs feature built-in Loudspeakers with horrible sound quality, thus it’s recommended to pair your new set with a soundbar or other speaker system. The good ones start at $ 100. See the greatest sound bar here.

Other TV tips

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