The best eco-friendly cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Eco-friendly smartphone cases are rapidly proliferating such as more companies are making an effort to manufacture products out of recycled or biodegradable materials. And sometimes the cases are made out of both recycled and plant-based plastic materials which are biodegradable.

Eco-friendly enclosures may look slightly different from standard Cases in thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, in especially those in wood, but most people I wouldn’t even realize you were using an ecological case unless you tell him. Many offers good drop protection and all cases on this list I’m compatible with wireless battery charger.

IS also worth noting that many of these cases are available for first i phone models, including the iPhone 11 And iPhone XS, and many of those cases are taken for granted.

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While the Torro Eco Cover for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is made out of matter prime renewable plants material like corn and cassava – no plastic is used – it looks similar to a hard plastic case and has a slight touch of grab it. It also it looks pretty protective and has raised edges for help protect your screen in the event you drop your phone face down. Torro says the Eco Cover is only biodegradable in a compost environment; you simply place it in your home compost bin and it will break down. This case was previously on sales for up to 50% off ($ 13). However, it now costs $ 10 off, which still makes it a good deal.

IS also available for the iPhone 12 Mini, but I have not seen a list for a version for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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You know all those compact discs that you don’t listen to anymore? Nimble creates translucent iPhone cases out of they. They are a little pricey at $ 40, but some of us like the idea of protecting the latest technology with recycled technology and don’t mind paying a little extra for That. They have an antimicrobial protection, are scratch resistant and shouldn’t spin yellow over time. Although the disc case is thin, it is rated for 6 feet drop protection. Use the code CNET25 for 25% off any disc case, carrying the price down for $ 30.

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Like the Torro case, the Organicore cases of Incipio are also made with 100% compostable and biodegradable materials And also have ecological packaging. Organicore cases offer 8 feet drop protection and I’m available in three colours options: black, natural and eucalyptus (pictured here). They look and feel similar to the Torro Eco Cover cases and it really is a toss-up between the two brands. I Torro main the advantage is that it arrives in more eye-catching colors – red and blue stand out – e currently It costs less.

Note that Amazon is discounting some colors of the Organicore case (il black version and a little’ more that $ 23), but green version shown above is not on sales. In addition, the organic is available in a iPhone 12 Pro Max version, but it costs more.

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Casetify recently launched its new Ultra Compostable Cases. Compared to his previous Conscious cases, this one new echo model increases the drop-protection at 6.6 feet and is made with 100% compostable, plant-based material Ecotify, the company’s proprietary blend of biopolymers, starch and bamboo grain.

Casetify also says the packaging is made of 100% sustainable, recycled and compostable materials including eco-friendly and non-toxic ink made from soy. The case has raised edge design to protect screens and is available in seven colors options. The price it’s high at $ 50 but the case is customizable with customization and prints.


This is the only case on the list Haven’t tried it yet, but Amazon user reviews for it’s positive and only costs $ 9. eplantity says his case is built from 100% biodegradable wheat straw and recyclable TPU. It completely covers the phone and has raised edges, in so that should help with any face-down drops. IS available in different colors options.

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Initially I was based in Sweden 15:21the cases in natural cork on this list, but they are not that easy to buy in the United States and the custodians in Similarly styled Woodpeckery cork cost much less. Note that these are slim cases that aren’t incredibly protective, even if the edges are slightly raised on the corners a help protect your screen from cracks should you drop it (other cases offer more corner protection). Also, the bottom of the case covers half of the bottom of your phone rather than leaving it fully exposed, which it is good.

On Amazon you can only buy iPhone 12 Mini and Max versions of the case. Maybe the iPhone 12/12 Pro version will return to Amazon, but for now you can get it on The Woodpeckery site.

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KerfCase has made enclosures in handmade wood for a little bit, and it is new The custody in plywood is not alone more durable but less expensive of some, starting at $ 50, with 6 feet drop protection and a limited lifetime repair warranty. I like it’s better than other cases made of wood that I tried. IS also worth noting that Apple’s MagSafe charger will stick to the back of and KerfCase sells matching charging docks for the Apple MagSafe charger (yes, it’s an accessory for an accessory).

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