The Best Running Shoes For Men in 2023

Getting the right running shoes can make or break your performance, no matter how many marathons you’ve run or how long you’ve been running. If you wear the wrong running shoes, you might lose a toenail. On the other hand, if you wear the right running shoes, you might feel fast, light on your feet, and ready to take on the world.

When looking for running shoes for someone else, it’s important to keep in mind that the best pair will depend on the person. No matter how much the person you’re giving the gift to loves you, they won’t wear a pair of running shoes that gives them blisters, pinches their toes, feels lumpy or uneven, or gives them a headache.

This list of the best running shoes for men should cover all of your needs. Men’s running shoes, hand-picked by me based on my own preference for better-looking styles and colors, expert advice from a running coach, and tens of thousands of customer reviews. I have some tips for you if you or the person you’re giving the gift to needs a running mask.

In our review, we will also talk about the best running shoes for women. There are always new things on these lists.

Brooks ghost 13
Brooks ghost 13

Allow me to begin by stating that I am a Brooks fan. Although I have used Brooks running shoes for many years, the only other pair of running shoes I will wear are for cross-training purposes. The fact that Brooks running shoes have received overwhelmingly positive ratings across the internet suggests that I am not alone in my opinion.

In particular, the fan following for the ghost shoes has grown significantly throughout the years. The Ghost 13 is the most recent iteration of these time-honored classics. Because of their 12mm heel-in-tip drop, the heel of these shoes is 12mm higher than the toe. The full-foot support provided by the Ghost 13s’ arc support is another feature that contributes to their overall comfort.

When it comes to road running, Brooks claims that Ghost shoes are a decent choice, but I found that they exceeded all expectations as trail running shoes, even though they are not waterproof.

Long runs on hot days can be made more bearable by the shoes’ mesh uppers, which allow air to circulate through the shoe and keep the runner cool.


Nobull shoes are mostly for CrossFitters and the largest functional fitness community in the world. The company started making sneakers, but now it also makes running shoes for men that come in mesh, ripstop, and knit styles.

In general, the mesh runners from Nobull have the lowest heel-to-toe drop of all the shoes the company makes (7mm vs 10mm drop on knitted and ripstop styles). They might not be the best choice if you want a pair of men’s running shoes with less bulk.

But, because the mesh upper is layered and the midsole is flexible, these shoes are great for cross-training, which includes jogging. As a CrossFit coach, I know how painful it can be to do five rounds of a workout that starts with running 400 meters in flat shoes.

Cross-trainers should check out the Nobull Mesh Runner. They are durable and soft enough to handle sprints, burpees; box jumps, and other high-impact movements but solid enough to support you during stationary exercises like the squat.

Athletic Mouse ST-3

Mollie Millington is a personal trainer and running coach. She says that minimalist shoes are a great thing to say. “Some people like them. People with a forefoot shot tend to like minimalist shoes, while people with a heel forward tend to complain that these shoes don’t have enough cushioning.”

But minimalist shoes take some time to get used to. She says that you need to gradually increase your mileage to build up the muscles in your feet, which shoes have helped you do, and to make your legs more responsive when running barefoot.

The Athletic Mouse ST-3 minimalist running shoes, on the other hand, are a great place to start. Reviewers have said this shoe feels like jogging barefoot, but it has just enough padding to keep your feet safe from rocks and roots. This shoe has a 16mm cushion and no sharp heel drop.

Because these shoes are flat, they can also be used as training shoes, giving you more for your money.

Hoka One One
Hoka One One

There are different things about minimalist and lightweight running shoes. You can have a lightweight shoe with all of the above features, just like real minimalist shoes, which are flat and have a little padding.

The Hoka One One Rincon running shoes have a 5mm heel drop and a big pillow, but they only weigh 7.7 ounces. When it comes to speed and support, these shoes are great. They can play fast cadences because of their small size and the way the Hokaka Meta-Rocker is made.

One important thing to remember is that while many reviewers loved how comfortable these shoes were, others hated how quickly they broke down after only 150 miles of use. A few miles a week isn’t a big deal, but 150 miles in two months is different.


Millington says that comfort is the most important thing a long-distance runner should look for in a running shoe. If you’re going to run for a long time, you need to make sure your feet are in good shape. If you can, try the shoes on a treadmill in the store to see if they work for you.

Millington recommends On Cloudflyer if you want a unique running shoe that makes the most of the space between your sole and midsole. Because they have more space, shoes with more bounce and less weight can be more comfortable for longer runs.

Could it be that people on Amazon either love or hate these shoes? No one can agree on who is better between our fans and our rivals.


Salomon makes great shoes for trail running. This brand is well-known among trail runners and hikers because its shoes are well-made and last long. Millington says that Sense Ride 3 by Salomon was a big win for her.

In addition to the 8 mm heel drop, these trail running shoes have a tight-knit sweater, a gripping outer sole, and Salomon Quicklace laces.

Millington says how to watch and what to see when it comes to shoes in general, he likes waterproof trail running shoes. “The different terrain also requires a lot of stability,” he says. The strengthened toe protects the foot from rocks and roots, and the deep tread helps the shoe grip the ground better.

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How I chose these running shoes

This list of the best running shoes isn’t complete, but I’ve had some experience with them and know my way around them. I ran for years and wore various shoes, from inexpensive to expensive.

Personal experience: My research was informed by the shoes I’ve tried in the past, but I tried to remember that I’m unlikely to have the same experience with any given shoe as I did with those that worked or didn’t. I’m only here to provide you with some context for what you’re reading.

Professional entrance: I engaged the services of PT Mollie’s certified execution coach, Mollie Millington, to help me narrow down my final choices for running shoes.

Highly rated: It’s important to look for comfort, support, quality, and longevity in a running shoe when shopping for a new pair. I created this running shoe list using customer reviews on Amazon, Google, and the company websites.

This material is only for educational and informational purposes. It does not give medical or health advice. If you have questions or concerns about your health or the health of a loved one, you should never be afraid to talk to a doctor.