The best US airlines in 2021: The points guy

It was a wild ride for US airlines over the last 18 months of travel fears induced by Covid-19 e restrictions, not to mention trouble with unruly passengers who refused to wear their masks. But with almost 49% of the country completely vaccinated, the journey is doing a big return – also with the fast-spreading delta variant.

If you are ready to travel, The points guy (TPG) has released its annual report on the best US airlines for 2021.

To determine the list the website classified each airline in four categories using Department data of Transport. These factors include reliability (including timeliness, cancellations and baggage); experience (cabin features, lounge and customer complaints); cost (including baggage and exchange fees) and loyalty (frequent use of flyers and award availability).

For the third in a row year in in a row, TPG ranked Delta Air Lines no. 1, according to the report.

“The courier was not great in any single category – it was the fifth for abused baggage and quarter for customer complaints submitted to the DOT, for example, “the report states.” However, only Delta hit the lowest point in a single element (convenience), otherwise keeping solid scores through the remaining data-based criteria we analyzed. This consistency helped push him to the top. “

Here are the 10 best US airlines, according to the TPG report and theirs highest and the less performing areas:

1. Delta Airlines

Higher performing areas: involuntary collisions from flights, lounges

Less performing areas: convenience

2. Southwest Airlines

Higher performing areas: customer satisfaction, luggage / exchange costs, award availability

Less performing areas: lounge

(A spokesperson for Southwest says is honored to do the list during one of the most difficult years in of the airline history and accredits Southwest employees for his success.)

3. United Airlines

Best performing areas: path network, frequent flyer

Less performing areas: convenience

4. Alaska Airlines

Higher performing areas: lounge

Less performing areas: luggage / change costs

5. American Airlines

Best performing areas: family, itinerary network

Less performing areas: luggage

6. JetBlue Airways

Most performing areas: cabin features, award availability

Less performing areas: baggage, exchange costs

7. Hawaiian airlines

Higher performing areas: timeliness, involuntary collisions

Less performing areas: customer satisfaction, path network

8. Spirit Airlines

Best performing areas: cancellations, accessibility

Less performing areas: wheelchairs, scooters, luggage / change charges

(A spokesperson for Spirit says is happy to do the list and is “looking for” forward to climbing higher in the years to come “.

9. Border

Best performing areas: cancellations, accessibility

Less performing areas: involuntary collisions, luggage / change costs, award availability

10. Loyal airlines

Higher performing areas: involuntary bumps, luggage, wheelchairs / scooters

Less performing areas: timeliness, cancellations, family, frequent flyer

When contacted for comment on classify the weaknesses, a spokesperson for Delta said the airline is putting customers first. A United spokesperson said the company is focused on continuing to improve the customer experience. Allegiant, Frontier, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue and American Airlines did not immediately respond to CNBC’s Make It request for comment. A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines declined for comment.

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