The best US Airlines: The Points Guy Annual Report

It was a wild ride for US airlines over the last 18 months of travel fears induced by Covid-19 e restrictions, not to mention trouble with unruly passengers who refused to wear their masks. But with almost 49% of the country completely vaccinated, the journey is doing a big return – also with the fast-spreading delta variant.

If you are ready to travel, The points guy (TPG) has released its annual report on the best US airlines.

The website classified each airline into four categories using the Department Data of Transport to determine the list. These factors include reliability (including timeliness, cancellations, and baggage); experience (cabin features, lounge, and customer complaints); cost (including baggage and exchange fees), and loyalty (frequent use of flyers and award availability).

For the third year, TPG ranked Delta Air Lines no. 1, according to the report.

“The courier was not great in any category – it was the fifth for abused baggage and quarter for customer complaints submitted to the DOT, for example, “the report states.” However, only Delta hit the lowest point in a single element (convenience), otherwise keeping solid scores through the remaining data-based criteria we analyzed. This consistency helped push him to the top. ”

What specific data-based criteria did TPG use to rank the airlines?

TPG typically takes into consideration various factors such as on-time performance, customer satisfaction, baggage handling, cabin comfort, frequent flyer programs, route networks, and other relevant data points to assess and rank airlines.

What makes Delta the overall top-ranked airline despite not being the best in any specific category?

TPG didn’t provide specific information on the rankings or the specific criteria used by TPG (The Points Guy), we cannot provide a definitive answer on why Delta may have been ranked as the top airline despite not being the best in any specific category. However, there could be several factors that contribute to this ranking:

Overall Consistency:

Delta may have performed consistently well across multiple categories, even if it didn’t excel in any particular one. This could include factors such as customer satisfaction, on-time performance, baggage handling, and more.

Balanced Performance:

While Delta may not have been the best in any specific category, it might have achieved above-average performance in various areas, leading to a well-rounded ranking.

Weighted Criteria:

The ranking methodology might assign different weights to different criteria. Even if Delta didn’t excel in individual categories, it could have scored well in weighted criteria that carry more significance in the overall ranking.

Comparisons to Competitors:

The ranking may also consider the performance of Delta relative to other airlines in the industry. While it may not be the best in any specific category, it could still outperform its competitors in certain aspects, contributing to its overall top ranking.

Here are the 10 Best US airlines, according to the TPG report, and their highest and the less performing areas:

1. Delta Airlines

  • Higher performing areas: involuntary collisions from flights, lounges
  • Less performing areas: convenience

2. Southwest Airlines

  • Higher performing areas: customer satisfaction, luggage/exchange costs, award availability
  • Less performing areas: lounge

3. United Airlines

  • Best performing areas: path network, frequent flyer
  • Less performing areas: convenience

4. Alaska Airlines

  • Higher performing areas: lounge
  • Less performing areas: luggage/change costs

5. American Airlines

  • Best performing areas: family, itinerary network
  • Less performing areas: Luggage

6. JetBlue Airways

  • Most performing areas: cabin features, award availability
  • Less performing areas: baggage, exchange costs

7. Hawaiian Airlines

  • Higher performing areas: timeliness, involuntary collisions
  • Less performing areas: customer satisfaction, path network

8. Spirit Airlines

  • Best performing areas: cancellations, accessibility
  • Less performing areas: wheelchairs, scooters, luggage/change charges

9. Border

  • Best performing areas: cancellations, accessibility
  • Less performing areas: involuntary collisions, luggage/change costs, award availability

10. Loyal Airlines

  • Higher performing areas: involuntary bumps, luggage, wheelchairs/scooters
  • Less performing areas: timeliness, cancellations, family, frequent flyer

When contacted for comment on classifying the weaknesses, a spokesperson for Delta said the airline is putting customers first. A United spokesperson said the company is focused on improving the customer experience. Allegiant, Frontier, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, and American Airlines did not immediately respond to CNBC’s Make It request for comment. A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines declined to comment.

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