The Best Walking Shoes For Men in 2022

Like it running shoes or sneakers, walking shoes can bring you a lot of delight or so much of discomfort. Obtaining precisely the perfect size is vital for comfort, as anyone with very aching feet, heel pain, or a condition like plantar fasciitis understands. A comfortable walking shoe can make all the difference by giving support and preventing foot pain and injury, while a bad fit can lead to blisters or cramps in your bows

A decent pair of walking shoes should not only be comfortable, but also have good traction, ventilation, and ankle support. Your foot should be taken into consideration when purchasing a shoe; for example, those with broad feet should choose shoes specifically designed to accommodate this type of foot type.

The best men’s walking shoes, according to us Online, I’m ranked among the best and recommended for daily wear by podiatrists. It’s time for an update. It would be nice if we could review some new products on this list from time to time.

Brooks Addiction Walker 2

Pronation, or the downward rotation of the foot, is sometimes exacerbated by the presence of low arches or flat feet. Pronation can be viewed by putting your foot flat on the ground and attempting to press your bow into the floor.

Pronated feet require “firm bottoms that prevent the shoes from bending or flexing,” says Dr. Velimir Petkov, proprietor of Premier Podiatry in Clifton, New Jersey. A neutral stance can be maintained with these shoes without the feet overpronating. ”

There comes Brooks Addiction Walker Walker. Rigid sole and medium arch provide just enough arch support to prevent feet from overpronating, but not so much that they are pushed into supination.

And it seems to last a long time, too.

The Asics Gel-Nimbus
The Asics Gel-Nimbus

Like the low arches, the arch of a high arch tends to turn upward and the outside of a high arche’s foot presses onto the ground, resulting in supination of the foot. If you don’t fix your supination, you run the risk of developing ankle and knee problems.

Dr. Zohreh Mancil of Slidell Memorial Hospital in Louisiana, a podiatrist, had previously suggested the Asics Gel-Nimbus because of its excellent arch and ankle support.

Petkov recommends personalized insoles for those with all types of foot arches, including those with high or low arches. To stabilize the foot and ankle joints, these can be fitted into most shoes and sneakers, “no matter what type of foot anatomy you have.”

The Vionic Classic Walker
The Vionic Classic Walker

Plantar fasciitis sufferers have a difficult time shopping for shoes, to say the least. That all changes, though, once you locate a pair of shoes that appropriately support your feet In order to alleviate the pressure on the plantar fascia, Petkov recommends looking for shoes with arch support.

In many cases, plantar fasciitis is caused by underlying foot abnormalities, he explained. Plantar fasciitis can be prevented by wearing shoes with bow support to help keep the arches from collapsing.

Mancil has previously recommended the Vionic Classic Walker, a shoe with all the features needed to treat plantar fasciitis.

With the heel counter and detachable insoles, for example, there is no gap between heel and toe. In order to keep the plantar fascia from overpronating, wide arch support stops the feet from overpronating.

The Skechers Vigor Serpentine 2.0

You should look for shoes that are broader in the toe box to accommodate your wide feet, Petkov advises. He thinks this is especially true for people who have bunions or other foot deformities. Ingrown toenails can be avoided by wearing loose shoes, and no one wants that.

You can find the Skechers Vigor Serpentine 2.0 in the Skechers Men’s Wide Fit collection, and they include all of the qualities you’d expect in a high-quality walking shoe: a solid heel, a firm outsole, and an ample amount of cushioning.

The memory foam insole and padded tongue of this walking sneaker have been highly praised by customers on Skechers and Amazon, who appreciate its durability and stability.


Petkov recommends a pair of durable shoes with shock absorption if you enjoy hiking in the woods.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate, for example, is a common foaming agent. Ankle joints and tendons that function to balance your feet while walking on Rough terrain can benefit from additional shock absorption provided by the cushioned midsole of the shoe, he explains.

Salomon’s Pathfinder is ideal for walking on trails, gravel, and another potentially dangerous terrain. Salomon is most renowned for its hiking and trail running shoe lines, but it also makes a slew of fantastic walking shoes, like the explorer, for everyday use.

Amazon customers have noticed that these shoes run a little small, so you may want to go up a half size. Apart from that, most people seem to like it.

How did I choose the best walking shoes for men?

For this piece, I relied on the expert advice of Dr. Petkov of Premier Podiatry. After compiling a list of more than 30 different types of walking shoes, I narrowed it down using web reviews to find shoes with the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Walking shoes that were excellent for comfort, stability, and longevity were my final choice.

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