The Biden summit is rhetoric of “old propaganda,” Oliver Stone tells RT

Director Oliver Stone told RT that the US is “totally corrupt” government revisited old propaganda clichés when promoting President Joe Biden’s impending forthcoming international ‘Summit for Democracy’.

On the latest episode of “Going Underground” by RT, Afshin Rattansi asked the Oscar winner director what did he think of the so-called ‘Summit for Democracy that will be hosted by Biden next month.

“This is the old propaganda: ‘We are free world, and the Russians and the Chinese do not. And the Iranians and all bad guys I’m on the other side. it does not do it work That way if you go to those countries” said the stone. “It’s relative. You have to understand: there is gray matter, it is not black it’s white.”

Stone pointed to the role of money in American politics and cited reports that a record 14 billion dollars have been spent on the U.S. presidential and congressional campaigns of 2020.

When it takes $ 14 billion to elect a president, you wonder: what kind of is this democracy? You can’t even get a congressman to talk to you unless you pay and you don’t have a business interest. It’s a lot hard in Washington to get attention for a common citizen. You need money, you need weight of lobbying. Our government it is totally corrupt.

by Biden virtual summit on December 9-10 will focus on “challenges and opportunities facing democracies “ according to the White House. The United States has invited 110 countries participate, in particular leaving out China, Russia, Iran and Turkey.

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we government boldly examined: Oliver Stone's new The documentary on JFK is a must see

we government boldly examined: Oliver Stone’s new The documentary on JFK is a must see

Calculation also discussed his new documentary on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass”, presented in preview at the Cannes Film Festival quest’summer. Four-part series version of the film, ‘JFK – Destiny Betrayed’, was screened at the Rome Film Festival in October.

The director said that found is saying its project received “Not very mainstream coverage” in the United States compared to the press it has had in Europe.

“It’s a memory Hole. they don’t want talk about it because our film raises substantial questions. In fact, contradicts the official theory,” said the stone. “I’m used to this, you know. There’s a wall of silence here ».

In the same interview, Stone criticized Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, for delay the release of the reminder of classified documents on the Kennedy case.

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