The biennial proposal of the World Cup arouses global controversy

There is no stronger voice in these days on the Saudi proposal to hold the World Cup every two years instead of every 4 years, and according to the Russian agency “Sputnik”, this proposal has aroused different reactions between the agreement and the opposition.

The Saudi proposal received backing from France’s Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal legendary manager, who stressed the need to hold the men’s and women’s World Cups every two years instead of four, as head of global football development at FIFA.

UEFA President Aleksander Schwerin criticized the proposal, noting that UEFA was very concerned. He explained that “UEFA and its national associations have serious reservations and great concern over the reports relating to FIFA’s plans”. “FIFA appears to be launching a PR campaign, before disclosing the details of any dramatic changes in the tournament calendar to interested parties,” said Schwerin, expressing his surprise that UEFA, national associations and local leagues are not. still been put in the picture.

For its part, the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) rejected the idea of ​​organizing the World Cup every two years, after initially accepting it, describing the issue as the offensive of the most important football tournament on the planet. The opponents were joined by the World Leagues Forum, which represents professional football associations, stressing that this “would weaken the historical and traditional values ​​of the competition, which means a lot for fans and players”. “Having the World Cup every two years will negatively disrupt the football economy and undermine the well-being of players on an already overloaded agenda,” the forum said. in a note.

Links from major European leagues, which include 37 league titles, including the English Premier League, First Division, Spanish, Italian, German and French leagues, have also announced their opposition to the Saudi proposal. “The European leagues are firmly and unanimously opposed to any proposal to hold the World Cup every two years and will work together with other stakeholders to prevent football’s governing bodies from making unilateral decisions that would harm the national football that constitutes the foundation of our industry and is of paramount importance to club, players and fans, “said the group in a note. Across Europe and the world “.

As for the president of the European Club Association and president of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, he warned that the health of the players would be affected by the implementation of this proposal, saying: “The pressure of matches and the interruption of some of them puts in danger to the health and well-being of the players. “The Confederation of African Football (CAF) surprised everyone and issued an official statement, after the meeting of the Executive Committee chaired by Patrice Motsepe in Rabat, in Morocco, in who announced his support for the idea of ​​organizing the FIFA World Cup every two years. As for the federations of Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, they said in a joint statement that they voted in favor of the plan at the FIFA Congress and they declared in an official statement: “The four-year gap between the World Cup is a very large period and a very limited opportunity, which causes entire generations of talents to turn away from the Apparition to the masses, which will end with the holding of the tournament every two years “.

Last May, the Saudi Football Association presented a proposal to organize the World Cup every two years, which was supported by the annual FIFA Congress meeting, where local associations voted in favor of this proposal by 166 associations “for” , compared to 22 “against” associations. “Consulting this idea is simply a way to make football and world football strong, and for that we need everyone’s help,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino, adding: “This is not to be taken as a challenge. or a fight, we give football fans football is a motivation in more to love the game “.

The World Cup has been held every four years since the first edition in 1930, with the exception of World War II, when the 1942 and 1946 editions did not take place, and the Women’s World Cup has been held every four years since its inception in 1991. The state of Qatar will host the next World Cup on November 2nd

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