The biggest cryptocurrency theft … carried out by a weird Canadian teenager

A Canadian teenager was arrested for stealing Canadian $ 46 million ($ 36.5 million) of cryptocurrency from a US victim, the largest single-person cryptocurrency heist, according to Hamilton police, close to Toronto.

Police said the victim was targeted through a phone scam known as a SIM swap. in which a scammer hijacks in modality wireless a customer’s phone number to intercept two-factor authentication requests and gain access to the victim’s accounts.

The Hamilton Police Department said in a statement that the arrest was the result of a joint investigation with the FBI and the task force on cybercrime of the US secret services.

Police have seized the cryptocurrency currently valued at over 7 million Canadian dollars.

Police said in a statement that some of the stolen cryptocurrency was used to purchase a “rare” username for games online, which eventually led investigators to reveal the identity of the account holder.

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