The birth of a child without nails in Britain (photo)

The French-language website futura sciences reported that a baby without nails was born in Britain – a phenomenon that almost does not exist in the world.

The science site reported that the baby weighed 4kg at birth and the mother (44) delivered him by caesarean section, noting that the pregnancy went smoothly and the baby appeared to be healthy.

He added that doctors soon noticed that something was wrong with the child’s hands and feet, as they confirmed that all of his toes were free of nails or that they had nails that were smaller than normal size.

The child is also missing a nail on his right hand and a ring finger on his left hand.

Doctors explained that this baby suffers from a very rare disease, and only about 20 cases have been described in the scientific literature, when the victims partially or completely lose their toenails and fingers.

The absence of nails is called anonychia, in which case the origin of the disease is most likely genetic, but the parents did not want to undergo genetic testing to confirm this.

They pointed out that the disease is more common if the parents are from the same family, while in the case of the said infant, this is not the case.

The report stated that, explaining the alleged reasons for the prevalence of this disease, congenital arrhythmia is associated with the presence of a mutation in a gene located on “chromosome 20”.

The growth of the nail begins in an area called the nail matrix, and besides this rare disease in which a limited number of babies are born, newborns also suffer from the phenomenon of nail prolapse, that is, their separation from the finger without pain.

Falling nails usually begin in the far free corner and gradually move towards a pink base, a condition in which the nail separates completely or partially from the skin underneath.

Source: site “science of the future”