The board of directors of “Saudi German Health” recommends a capital increase of 240 million riyals

Middle East Healthcare Company “Saudi German Health” announced the recommendation of the Board of Directors to increase the capital of the company through a rights issue of 240 million riyals, to allow the company to implement its strategic and operational plans and support its activities future.

The Saudi German Health Company said eligibility will be for shareholders who own the shares on the day of the extraordinary general meeting, which has decided to increase the capital by offering shares with entitlement, and whose names appear in the issuer’s register of shareholders. at the Depository Centro at the end of the second trading day following the date of the meeting.

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He stated that in he would later appoint a financial advisor and submit a capital increase request file to the Saudi Capital Market Authority.

Saudi German Health will also announce in followed when a financial advisor will be appointed for the offer, as well as when he will submit a request file for a capital increase to the Authority and when there will be future developments in this regard.

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