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The bombing of a border facility between Russia and Ukraine . no injuries


As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues for the 65th consecutive day, the governor of the Russian province of Bryansk revealed that a border guard facility was bombed from within Ukrainian territory on Friday.

The governor of the province, Alexander Bogomaz, said on his channel in the “Telegram” application that the mortar shell targeted a border guard administration center of the Russian Federal Security Service in the city of Belaya Berezka.

No one injured

Bogomaz also clarified that the bombing did not cause human casualties, but damaged the water and electricity supply lines, pointing out that restoration work had been carried out to resume supplies, according to reports from “Russia Today”.

The governor of the province indicated that the bombing resulted in the uprooting of a tree in a local cemetery.

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Interestingly, the incident is not the first in recent times in which the Russian areas adjacent to the borders of Ukraine were bombed on the opposite side of the border, against the background of the special military operation that Moscow has been carrying out on the territory of Ukraine since last 24 February.

A few days ago, the governor of Bryansk province accused the Ukrainian army of bombing a Russian town 10 km from the common border between the two countries, injuring civilians.

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