The Boogeyman: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

There has been no lack of Stephen King’s works in recent years. The seventy-year-old keeps coming up with new scary stories almost as often as he sends political tweets. The Boogeyman is not a new story. It was first published in a 1973 issue of Cavalier magazine and then included in King’s 1978 collection of short stories, “The Night Shift.” It is one of the most recent books being turned into a full-length movie.

The project was first announced in 2018, and Scott Beck and Bryan Woods wrote the script. Beck and Woods have been working together on movies for a while now. They co-wrote and executive produced movies like “A Quiet Place” and “Haunt,” which was produced by Eli Roth. After Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019, the film was canceled, and production stopped. The project was brought back, and Rob Savage will direct it in 2021. Savage is best known for directing Host, an original movie for 2020 Shudder. Mark Heyman (Black Swan) will write the screenplay, which will be based on the original screenplay by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Dan Levine and Dan Cohen will co-produce with Shawn Levy, who started the production company 21 Laps Entertainment.

The Boogeyman Release Date?

The movie was supposed to come out only on Hulu, but we now know that after successful test screenings, The Boogeyman will open in theaters on June 2, 2023. This is becoming more common for movies that were originally made for streaming. Smile, and Evil Dead Rise are two recent movies that chose to go straight to theaters instead of streaming services. Before it was shown in theaters across North America, the film was shown on April 26, 2023, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of CinemaCon 2023. Collider also showed The Boogeyman for free in Los Angeles on May 7.

Watch All the Trailers for The Boogeyman

On January 29, 2023, during the NFC Championship Game, 20th Century Studios showed a short clip from The Boogeyman. At the trailer’s beginning, a father puts his daughter to bed and asks her why she uses so many lights before leaving the room. Soon, the little girl is scared of an invisible force in her room. She rolls her light-up ball under her bed, only to find the Boogeyman there. The trailer then cuts to a montage of the whole group haunted by the evil force.

On April 17, 2023, the full trailer for The Boogeyman made its debut on the YouTube channel for 20th Century Studios. At the beginning of the trailer, the same little girl from the first trailer is in therapy with her sister. The therapist puts a red glowing cube in the middle of the room and tells her that it will keep flashing until it goes completely dark. This is to help her not be afraid of the dark. The therapist doesn’t notice, though, that the monster is crawling on the ceiling. The trailer then shows that the Boogeyman is also haunting her older sister, and that despite pleading with their father, he seems to be in his own world.

The Boogeyman Plot?

The official synopsis for The Boogeyman via 20th Century Studios reads:

“High school student Sadie Harper and her little sister Sawyer are still reeling from their mother’s recent death. Devastated by his own pain, their father, Will, a therapist by profession, gives them neither the support nor the affection that they try to claim from him. When a desperate patient shows up unexpectedly at their house asking for help, they bring in a terrifying entity that preys on the families and feeds on their greatest suffering.”


In the short story, Lester Billings sees a psychiatrist because he thinks “The Boogeyman” is trying to scare him by killing his three children. Each of their deaths had mysterious things going on around them. The man tells his psychiatrist, Dr. Harper, that each of his children cried out “Boogeyman” as they were being put to bed on the night they died. He swears that the closet doors in their rooms are closed, but when he finds their bodies, they were always open. Even though “crib death” and “convulsions” were listed as the official reasons for their deaths, he thinks The Boogeyman was the real cause.

Lester and his wife move to a town far away after the deaths of their first two children. His wife gets pregnant quickly, and he and she take extra steps to protect their new son, Andy. But she has to help a sick family member, leaving the man to take care of their young child by himself. When she isn’t there, he feels The Boogeyman getting stronger and more dangerous, and he fears for his life. For the first time since Andy was born, he puts him in a separate bedroom because he knows the creature will go after him. When he hears a noise and goes to look, he sees the Boogeyman attacking his son, so he runs away. The police think Andy broke his neck when he tried to climb out of his crib, but Lester knows better. As he is leaving, Dr. Harper suggests he make an appointment for the future. Soon after, Lester returns to the doctor’s office and finds The Boogeyman, taking off his “Dr. Harper” mask.

That’s what the short story by Stephen King was mostly about, but the movie’s plot is very different. The adaptation is told from the point of view of the children. After their mother dies suddenly and tragically, a teenage girl and her younger sister try to get their grieving father to do something because they think an evil spirit has moved into their house. This low-income family is being tormented by the Boogeyman, who feeds off of their pain and fear. He may have even killed the mother.

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