The boss Chelsea’s Tuchel can’t wait to see the fight between Lukaku and Van Dijk

LONDON: Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel can’t wait to see how his new forward, Romelu Lukaku, who has signed for club a contract from record with Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk, over the weekend when the two teams meet at Anfield. Both teams have won the prime two league games without conceding and Tuchel said he expected Lukaku to live up to expectations against Dutchman Van Dijk, one of the best center-backs in the world. Lukaku returned to Chelsea earlier this month from ‘ Inter. estimated by media at 97.5 million pounds (134.19 million dollars), he scored just 15 minutes after his debut against Arsenal last Sunday. “Liverpool with Van Dijk are very different from Liverpool without him,” Tuchel told reporters on Friday. “It will be a great challenge for Romelu. Lukaku only played one game with us and it was a great start and the next game will be decided by some details.” He will face a tough test of his skills at Anfield . I’m not sure he has really reached his highest level, especially since he played a game with us, but I know he loves playing fights like this. “(Reuters)

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