The Brigades of the Giants seize 20 Houthi “Harib” missiles

in a new military victory; The Giants Brigades of the Yemeni National Army have managed to seize 20 missiles ready to be launched, belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia, in a site in the Harib Front, south of the Ma’rib governorate. These missiles were poised to hit civilian objects and populated areas, as is the practice of the Houthi terrorist militia in its flagrant violations of international and humanitarian law by targeting civilians and terrorizing innocent people.

Updated statistics of total Houthi militia violations to date, Monday: 6/14/1443 AH / corresponding to: 1/17/2022 AD

Ballistic missiles: 432

Drones: 875

Bombed boats: 101

– Marine mines: 259

Random bullets: 99948

Violations by the Houthi terrorist militia:

Ballistic missiles: 432

UAVs loaded with bombs: 875

USV loaded with bombs: 101

– Naval mines: 259

– Indiscriminate bullet: 99948