The British government is not in able to “help everyone” due to the high cost of living

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that the government cannot help everyone with the current cost of living crisis and that it must remain wise in its spending to avoid fueling an inflationary spiral.

High prices have been putting the greatest pressure on household incomes since at least the 1950s, putting pressure on the government to provide support to the poorest. in particularly to those who cannot afford higher energy costs.

Johnson acknowledged that the government was not in able to provide sufficient subsidies immediately to offset the cost increase, but said he was dealing with pricing in the medium and long term.

“I recognize that these taxpayer contributions will not immediately be sufficient to help cover everyone’s costs,” he told ITV.

“There is more we can do, but the important thing is to make sure we are dealing with prices in the medium and long term,” he continued.

Johnson indicated that the government is considering providing subsidies to families who need to use high levels of energy due to their medical needs.

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