The British MP has received money to support cases against Saudi Arabia

UK MP Leila Moran recently admitted she received £ 3,000 from one studio legal and used British official offices to attack Saudi Arabia in human rights cases.

While it emerged that it studio Moran’s lawyer is Bindmans LLP, who deals with cases in defense of the Muslim Brotherhood in Great Britain, according to the British newspaper “The Times”.

The work in matter was a Zoom meeting organized by one studio private lawyer to attack human rights in Saudi Arabia.

The paper also indicated that Moran received £ 3,000 from the company, while MP Crispin Blunt received £ 6,000 for attending the hearing and presiding over the testimony.

Money for false testimonials

He added that Congressman Moran received the money in change of 40 hours of work, in addition to his salary as a Member of Parliament, which is 80,000 pounds.

In parallel, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, called for the investigation and punishment of parliamentarians who put foreign interests at the expense of British ones.

He told the speaker of parliament that parliamentarians should not be involved in foreign policies paid for by lobbyists.

This isn’t the first payment scandal to a British MP, as it was discovered last month that Reigate was being paid £ 117 per hour, or £ 15,000 per year, by a company providing asylum accommodation.

The British MP has received money to support cases against Saudi Arabia
Crispin Blunt (British Parliament Media)

Previous problems

Questions have also been raised about Conservative MP and former Attorney General Sir Geoffrey Cox, who earned around £ 900,000 last year working outside Parliament.

In accordance with the Code of Conduct of the UK Parliament governing the conduct of representatives, Members are personally responsible and obligated to ensure that their use of expenses, allowances, facilities and services provided by the Public Treasury complies with the rules set out in theart. these matters.

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