The British Prime Minister makes a government reshuffle

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson shuffled his cabinet, appointing Liz Truss UK Foreign Minister and firing Justice Minister Robert Backlund, Education Minister Gavin Williamson, as well as Housing Minister Robert Jenrick and Foreign Minister. Dominic Raab as Minister of Justice.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson began a government reshuffle today Wednesday, involving high-level ministers, the first of which is the education minister, in hopes of refocusing the government’s focus on raising living standards. after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pandemic has paralyzed Johnson’s drive to resolve regional inequality since winning the 2019 election with the largest conservative majority in parliament from the government of Margaret Thatcher.

A source in Johnson’s office said he will appoint ministers “with the goal of bringing unity and equality in the whole country “.

Gavin Williamson was the first to say he would leave his post as education minister, after being criticized for his handling of school closures and exams during the pandemic.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about the government reshuffle.

Johnson’s opponents accused him of choosing Wednesday to announce government reshuffle to overshadow a planned opposition Labor Party vote. in Parliament on the government’s decision to eliminate the additional support for low-income families introduced during the pandemic, a move that even some Conservative MPs have expressed concern about. .

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak sat next to Johnson in Parliament while the Prime Minister attended the weekly question and answer session, but Secretary of Education Williamson and Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, who were also said to be among the outgoing ministers, were not in first row. seats.

Johnson is dealing with demands for Raab’s sacking after the foreign minister leaves in vacation in Crete as the Taliban advanced to the Afghan capital, Kabul, and among the charges ignored the reading of thousands of emails from people in seeks help to leave Afghanistan.

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