The Camel Club launches a “Watheqha” platform to preserve and register camel breeds

The Camel Club has launched a project to document and preserve camel breeds through the Wathiqha platform, which is responsible for documenting all information relating to camels, including DNA, as one of the vital characteristics of living organisms.

The Camel Club is partnering with King Faisal Specialist Hospital to form the platform in two respects; Technical and clinical, where the platform (Wathhaha) will work in the first phase heading towards the camels who will acquire the status of (Mazayn) by participating in the festivals of the club, while the second phase will document all the camels in the Kingdom to preserve their races.

The Camel Club in the electronic platform is based on being the world leader in organizing camel breeds and documenting theirs record creating a platform (and trust) a database in where the genetic link between all races becomes with the data of one studio scientist comparing authentic Arabian breeds and imported breeds with each other, in scientific way and harmonizing research efforts related to camels and defense to improve them and create an environment for them.

The platform will also contain data from all targeted camel owners; To allow them to issue an electronic document for each camel and to access their camels’ documents and obtain them for via electronics also allows the Camel Club to perform its functions during the races and parties it organizes and organizes through the presence of clear and documented documents creating an attractive environment for investors.

The Executive Director of the Camel Club, Eng. Bandar Al-Qahtani, explained that the importance of preserving the camel breed and its sequence of trees for the sake of the seller and owner and preserving the ancient and rare breeds. in across the region, adding that there are 11 different DNA families in camels, with more species in the coming days.

Camel Club Board Member Fozan Al-Madhi confirmed that after completion of the sample survey process, participation in Camel Club organized festivals or activities will not be permitted until after documentation on the platform.

For his part, Dr Ayman Al-Sulaiman of King Faisal Specialist Hospital indicated that the mechanism for extracting the sample is through saliva, hair, blood and in a period not exceeding two weeks is limited to the stallion and will be extended in future also to the camel, remembering that a complete identity document or passport will be extracted.The information, date and time, and provided to the owner, remembering that there will be samples for all the stallions of the camels that have been previously withdrawn to ensure the conservation of the breed.

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