The Camel Federation sets June 18 as the date for the Mafarid race

Today, in Taif governorate, His Highness Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdul Aziz bin Musaed, President of the Saudi Camel Federation, chaired the first meeting of the Federation, after the Council was officially approved by HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, President of the Olympic Committee of Saudi Arabia for the 2021-2024 electoral cycle.

The meeting included the discussion of many decisions on the agenda, ideas and future vision of the new federation, in in line with the development of camel sport and the preservation of folk heritage.

During the first meeting, the federation decided to appoint Mahmoud bin Sulaiman Al-Balawi as executive director of the federation, while the date for the Mafarid competition for the following year was approved on 19/11/1443 AH, corresponding to 18 06 / 18-2022 AD Council members also discussed a number of proposals that would increase the level of competition, including the “Camel League” proposal and the establishment of the “Annual Camel Auction”, and the installation of the “Commentator Competition” to be held annually to increase practitioners of the camel sports commentator profession, and members also discussed the possibility of organizing a marathon on National Day, as well as adopting a new logo for Saudi Camel Federation.

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