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The Cameroonian Federation confirms the doubts!


The speech of the Algerian coach Djamel Belmadi, in to whom he announced that he will continue to manage the Algerian national team, still arouses positive reactions in Algeria, and negative reactions in Cameroon and in some media circles, especially when he strongly and sometimes harshly criticized the referee of the match between Algeria and Cameroon, implicitly accusing him of not being impartial and causing the exclusion of the Algerian national team, which angered the Cameroonian federation, which published a statement criticizing Belmadi’s claims, and vowing to protest before the FIFA Ethics Committee against Algerian coach Jamal Belmadi, although the man did not mention Cameroon in his statements, but referred to a conspiracy that took place between three parties : Only referee Gassama was mentioned, who was unanimously agreed by all observers that he was bad, and his numerous mistakes contributed to the exit of the Algerian national team. Djamel Belmadi, who did not recover from the shock of exclusion, strongly criticized the Gambian referee and considered him the main reason for the exclusion of the Algerian team, doubting his intentions, and denouncing the level of African arbitration, which he considered weak compared to his counterpart in Europe and in Asia, which no one agrees on, but the way in Belmadi spoke to was widely condemned by some media Europeans and Africans, who interpreted the man’s words as containing an implicit incitement to violence and hatred against Gassama and arbitration in genre, and some football clubs in Algeria interpreted it as an exaggerated justification for the defeat against Cameroon because the manager’s choices were also a reason for departure. Cameroonian parties, especially since Belmadi did not speak about the Cameroonian national team or the Cameroonian federation. Belmadi’s statements have not been followed by any reaction from referee Gassama or the Confederations of African and International Football so far, but his words about the meeting with Gassama in airport on departure from Algeria and his expression of unease in seeing him relieved, some regarded as an implicit incitement towards him that cannot be issued by the national team A coach, should not go unpunished by the FIFA Disciplinary Commission, which is what that the Cameroonian Federation tries to divert attention from the complaint presented by the Algerian Federation to the FIFA Arbitration Committee supported by facts and photos about the match and documents showing that Gassama has gone in Algeria via Dakar Rabat, in Tunisia, and then in Algeria, where he met the mediators between him and Samuel Eto’o, according to the Algerian Federation, instead of joining directly from Banjul via Paris or Istanbul without the need to pass through the Moroccan capital Rabat, which has no direct connections to Algeria since the airspace between Algeria and Morocco was closed six years ago. The Algerians, for their part, believe that Djamel Belmadi had great courage when he spoke of the decline of African arbitration, and criticized the game behind the scenes that deprives teams and clubs of their rights, as confirmed by the numerous complaints lodged by the federations against some referees, and did not understand the appointment of Gambian Gassama twice in a row to direct the matches of the Cameroonian national team in a two-month period, which pushed Belmadi not to accept the situation in future, intending not to remain silent on the refereeing injustice that was revealed in front of Cameroon with the testimony of all the observers, both when he calculated a Cameroonian goal that came after an error on Mbolhi, and when he rejected Soleimani’s goal with the pretext of an imaginary touch of the hand And not to resort to the revision of the suspicious film at the request of the rulers of the “mouse”. If Belmadi’s statements are harsh in the eyes of some observers, the reaction of the Cameroonian federation is exaggerated, and confirms the suspicions of a real plot against the Algerian national team in which many parties have participated to block his way, in that Gassama has played a role that was not the first of its kind and will undoubtedly be the last according to many experts. Algerian journalist


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