The Canterville Ghost: Release Date, Cast, Trailer,Plot and Everything We Know So Far

The latest cartoon version of The Canterville Ghost, which has been in the works for over a decade, is set to come out this Halloween. The movie is based on Oscar Wilde’s short story of the same name. It’s about a ghost who asks a brave young girl, Virginia Otis, to help him escape an endless curse. The Canterville Ghost looks like a great Halloween movie for people of all ages because it will be both funny and scary for kids. Read on to learn what we know about The Canterville Ghost so far.

The Canterville Ghost Cast

  • Patrick Stewart as  Sir Simon de Canterville
  • Neve Campbell as Virginia ‘Ginny’ Otis
  • Joan Sims as Mrs. Umney
  • Donald Sinden as Mr. Umney
  • Cherie Lunghi as Lucille Otis
  • Edward Wiley as Hiram Otis
  • Leslie Phillips as George, Lord Canterville
  • Daniel Betts as Francis, Duke of Cheshire

The Canterville Ghost Release Date?

The Canterville Ghost will be shown in theaters across the United States on October 31, 2023, just in time for a Halloween family movie night. It will first be shown in the United Kingdom and Ireland on September 22, 2023. It was recently said that The Canterville Ghost will be available to watch in a “strategic rollout across multiple platforms.” It will be available at different times and on different platforms. The fact that Blue Fox Entertainment and Shout! Studios are distributing The Canterville Ghost in the United States, which makes us think that the movie will likely be available on Prime Video or Apple TV+ when the time comes, where it will join many other Blue Fox movies.

Is There a Trailer for The Canterville Ghost?

In August 2023, a trailer for The Canterville Ghost was put up on Signature Entertainment’s official YouTube account. In one of the funny scenes, it’s revealed that the ghost who gives the story its name scared away every previous owner of the Canterville house. But the new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Otis, don’t seem to care. They say they’re “here to stay,” which disappoints their teenage daughter Virginia, who hates her strange new home. This changes when Virginia finds out that Sir Canterville’s spirit is always close by. She also learns that her new adventure might be more fun than she thought. The Canterville Ghost is scary, crazy, and fun. It could be one of the best Halloween movies for kids in 2023.

What Is ‘The Canterville Ghost’ Plot?

The Canterville Ghost is an animated comedy that will come out this fall. It’s great for people who want to enjoy the spooky season without getting scared. The movie is about the strange ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville, who has been cursed to walk around his huge castle for hundreds of years. Centerville needs to find a brave person who is willing to do a brave thing so he can stop being so bored. Start with Virginia Otis, an American who moves into the house with her family. She is interested and hard to shake. Canterville is happy to learn that Virginia could be the key to his long-awaited freedom when his attempts to scare the Otises away fail. Together, the odd couple has to outsmart The Ghost Catcher and The Reverend in order to bring peace to the house for good.

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