The cards distort Hamdan’s stardom – Al-Madina

Despite the controversy over the validity of the red card obtained by Hamdan Al-Shamrani, defender of the Al-Ittihad team, in the youth match, especially since the referee himself, Faisal Al-Balawi, in several previous situations similar to the case, did not declare the red card. .

All this, however, does not exempt the Al-Ittihad defender Hamdan Al-Shamrani from responsibility, and the unjustified rush towards the young Carlos Junior, with a ball in in the middle of the field, and it does not represent any danger.

Note that Hamdan was returning to Tom from a disqualification, in how much in the first 7 rounds he got four cards, which was absent in front of Damak.

All of this confirms that the player needs control, guidance and accountability for his mistakes, in order to preserve him as a distinguished player with his enthusiasm and combativeness on the pitch and his leading role in Federal Defense.

The management of the Al-Ittihad Club, who considered Hamdan one of the stars of the team, and by printing his photo on the ticket of the team’s last game against Al-Shabab, Hamdan was the first to benefit from this support and to take responsibility.

We can recall what Dutch coach Tin Kat, current Emirati team coach Al-Wahda, former team Al-Ittihad coach, said when he diagnosed Hamdan Al-Shamrani as a player, during his speech on “Action with Walid “, saying,” Hamdan is the best Saudi player, but he’s crazy. The team loses in a moment.

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