The cause internationals rained on Jamal Belmadi!

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Africans raced, in response to the coach of the Algerian national team, Djamel Belmadi, after his statements that have sparked widespread controversy, for his violent messages to the Gambian referee Bakari Gassama, and also to the members of the Cameroonian Football Federation, led by the legend Samuel Eto’o, with the accusation of Conspiracy against the desert warriors in the second leg of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The national voter went wild, with statements that fall under the name of “Fiery”, who specialized in the “Al-Faf” channel on the “YouTube” platform, highlighting the external factors that led to the loss of the dream of playing at the World Cup for the fifth time in the history of the country, most of them in particularly what he described as the injustice and tyranny of the controversial government, with projections on two or three people from the Cameroonian federation, which were interpreted as explicit accusations of bribery to the referee. Immediately, Samuel Eto’o, in his capacity as president of his country’s Football Association, and one of those accused of conspiracy against the national team of the Greens, guaranteed the right to respond to Belmadi’s statements, forwarding the order to the Internazionale Federcalcio “FIFA”, by launching an official complaint against the FAF and the coach Belmadi, for having exaggerated the appeal. In the name of the legend of the lions and Barcelona, ​​in his recent media appearance. Similarly, the Guinean Tani Diallo, head of the department media of El Kef, launched a ferocious attack on Belmadi, describing him as arrogant, for his acuteness in the private part in his intervention on referee Gassama, warning of the consequences of overcoming these unnoticed declarations, because, as he wrote in a post on “Facebook”: “There will be no protected sentence in Algeria ”, if the Algeria coach is not punished for what he considered“ a public appeal to incite violence and physical aggression, and this is unacceptable and a stigma. Even from within, Gamal came under sharp criticism for the “FAV” interview, and this was evident in the reports and articles that question his insistence on what the newspaper “Al-Shorouk” called a ” conspiracy theory “. , and ignoring talk about his technical pitfalls, or even his plan to renew the team’s blood After high age media of the current generation, and some of them have entered the aging phase of football, contenting themselves with their habits based on cutting dialect and fiery bombing, without naming names, as we read in a report entitled “Bilmadi between fiery declarations and loyalty to the conspiracy theory”. It is known that the Algerian Football Association filed a complaint with FIFA for the repetition of the match in Cameroon, due to the errors of referee Gassama, which influenced the outcome and the events of the match, and the definitive answer should arrive shortly, in as the last step before the escalation of the practice at the International Sports Tribunal “CAS”, just as the Egyptian Federation foresees, in the hope of replaying the Senegal match, after the harassment suffered by Mohamed Salah and his companions in the return leg of the Dakar .