The Central Bank of Egypt sells one-year Treasury bills for $ 852.9 million

Today, Monday, the Central Bank of Egypt said it had sold one-year treasury bills worth $ 852.9 million, with an average yield of 2.994%.

The bills auction will end tomorrow, Tuesday, according to “Reuters”.

The Central Bank of Egypt had sold in last DecemberOne-year denominated treasury bills in dollars worth $ 1 billion with an average return of 2.995%.

The Egyptian government has obtained approval to join the “JPMorgan” index of emerging market government bonds, starting January 31st.

Egypt will have an estimated weight in the index at 1.85% and approximately 14 categories of denominated government bonds in Egyptian pounds, with a total value of $ 26 billion, are eligible for the benchmark index. The average yield on these bonds is 14.9% with a duration of 2.9 years.

It is expected that it will enter in Egypt with 14 issues, for a total value of around 24 billion dollars.

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