The Central Bank of Egypt sells one-year treasury bills in dollars for $ 565.1 million

The Central Bank of Egypt said today, Monday, that it has sold one-year treasury bills in dollars worth $ 565.1 million, with an average return of 3.044%.

The bank has indicated that the deal will be tomorrow, Tuesday.

The Central Bank of Egypt announced today, Monday, that Egypt’s foreign exchange reserves fell to $ 35.5 billion at the end of last May, from $ 37.123 billion in April.

The Central Bank confirmed that tale the decline occurred against the background of the role entrusted to it for the payment of payments relating to the external debt in due in May, estimated in approximately two billion dollars, including the right to coupons on government bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance, in addition to quotas in the International Monetary Fund and other obligations.

He stated that these advantages and uses of exchanges with the Central are found in an expected and usual context.

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