The Challenge Rally takes the via from Cairo to Mecca Al Mukarramah

Today, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the Challenge Rally (Arab Solidarity March), organized by the Arab Motorcycle Federation under the auspices of the League of Arab States and in collaboration between the Ministries of Sport of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia The Republic of Egypt, the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation and the Federation of Arab National Olympic Committees, have taken the via today.

The journey of the Arab Solidarity Rally (the Challenge Rally) will pass through the city of Hurghada, and then begin its march in Saudi lands from the city of NEOM heading towards the governorates of Yanbu and Rabigh and then heading towards Makkah Al-Mukarramah and from there to the governorate of Jeddah, then heading towards Medina and NEOM on the via of the return to the Republic of Arab Egypt.

The runners will cover a distance of 3,400 km and come from Egypt: (Mohammed Karima, Sherif Rumaih, Fathi Khalifa, Omar Abu Daoud, Walid Ibrahim, Tariq Muhammad, Ahmed Qandil, Muhammad Issa, Wael Abbas, Haitham Al-Swaify, Walid Abdel Rahim, Mahmoud Hussein, Mamdouh Abdel Qader, Ahmed Jaafar, Massad Kohya, Ismail Gawish, Sayed Ahmed, Amr Al-Saifi and Muhammad Faraj Mahmoud Hassan, Mustafa Al-Deeb and Khaled Abdo).

And from Saudi Arabia, Mustafa Al-Sharif, Ihab Al-Jambi, Muhammad Saghir, Khaled Al-Zahrani, Issa Saeed, Ahmed Bernawi, Izz Al-Din Khalaf, Sultan Hawsawi, Ramzi Al-Wafi, Atef Nimeiri, Mamdouh Al- Madani, Faris Al-Harbi, Fawaz Murad, Abdullah bin Mahfouz and Ahmed Al-Aliuni.

The CEO of the company that organizes the Challenge Rally, Dr. Moqbel bin Judaya stressed that the rally aims to strengthen the spirit of solidarity among young Arabs in compliance with the objectives of the League of Arab States, which sponsors this march, praising the Secretary of the University, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, for his interest in establishing and supporting this sporting event in motorcycling. “, indicating that there are honorary participations from the countries of Palestine, Kuwait, Djibouti and Sudan, in addition to the pilots of the Egyptian team and the Saudi team Al-Mutahideen “.

Dr. Moqbel bin Judaya explained that all provisions for rally track station locations within Saudi territory are complete in terms of organizational and logistical aspects, and there is an existing cooperation with the Arab Motorcycle Federation for the stages of the rally track, praising in this regard the President of the Arab and Saudi Federation for Cycling and Cars and His Highness the President of the Union of National Committees of the Arab Olympics, their following and interest in the details of the gathering.

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