The Chelsea manager calls for justice before facing Real Madrid

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel deliberately played on a delicate deal, sending emotional messages to the decision makers of the European Football Association, hoping to implement the principle of justice when Real Madrid host the month next to Stamford Bridge in the first leg European Champions League quarter-finals. The German coach hopes that the management of the club manages to obtain the approval of the management of the “UEFA” body, to fight the battle of going in presence of fans, otherwise the preference will be for club of the last century, in how much it will arm tens of thousands of fans in the second leg, which will be hosted by the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium in mid-April next. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Middlesbrough match in the FA Cup quarter-finals, the coach of the title holder “Zaat-Ear” said: “I hope they find a solution to this problem. Champions of Europe), and I hope really that there is a chance to solve this problem. ” The club Londoner lives in a nightmare, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, as part of the Western response to the invasion of Kiev, or what are known as deterrent economic and sports sanctions, to starve Russian President Vladimir with the money, according to the description of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is a conflict that paid Chelsea taxes, to undermine its owner Roman Abramovich, in virtue of his proximity to the head of power in Moscow, as one of the elite “Russian oligarchs”. The harsh US and British sanctions include stopping the oligarchs from investing in their projects in Europe, which prevents the former governor of Chukotka from allowing himself the luxury of offering tickets to the team’s matches at “Stamford Bridge”, under the terms of the special license granted to the clubbecame de facto subject to the British government before the strike arrived. The judge, to stop the credit card transactions of the club to pay the salaries of players and employees, under a series of penalties updated at the head of the hour, to force the owner to sell, and force him to leave his money in a neutral bank for years, in so that they are not used in the war against the Ukrainian people. Despite the capital’s difficult position, the former Paris Saint-Germain manager refused to accept that the next would be worse, saying: “I trust the board of directors of the capital. club and I know they are doing their best with their counterparts in the European Union and with the British government to obtain an exemption “, stressing that playing without fans in the first leg will give a great advantage to the Spanish opponent, who will play the second leg at full stadiums. In conclusion, he defined the tackle riyal itself as a “difficult challenge”, noting that in in any case he will try to repeat what he did last year, when he defeated the Blancos in the semifinals of the same European championship, and in circumstances close to the possible situation in the first leg of April 6 / April, playing the two games in symbolic number in the stands due to the Corona pandemic, followed by the completion of the cup hug for the second time in Chelsea’s history at the expense of local rival Manchester City, with the famous goal from Kai Havertz.