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The Chinese president promises a bright future after the summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping explained that the relationship between Arab countries and China is rooted since the ancient Silk Road, praising the Arab civilization and its role in the world throughout history.

He added that the Sino-Arab summit would lead to a brighter future, stressing that he seeks comprehensive cooperation that values ​​Chinese common interests.

In his speech at the summit he rejected the principle of the clash of civilizations and their struggle.

Trade of 300 billion dollars

He revealed that trade between Arab countries and China has exceeded $300 billion.

He stressed that the Middle East region is witnessing great and profound changes, emphasizing that Arab peoples seek economic development and prosperity.

He also believed that everyone should preserve the common interests and support the development efforts of Arab countries.

He also stressed the need to uphold the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of states, underlining the need to promote harmonization between development and the Belt and Road Initiative.

The speech of the Chinese president at the summit

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He believed that everyone should cooperate in effective way, above all in matter of food and energy security, since the pace in the region must be preserved and common security must be achieved.

Also, support Arab efforts to reach political solutions to pressing issues in the region, as mutual understanding and trust between China and Arab countries need to be increased to address Islamophobia and fight extremism.

He stressed that the Arab-Chinese summit unanimously sought to build a common future for a new world, where terrorism should not be linked to any particular religion or race.

He stated that the historic injustice to which the Palestinian people are subjected cannot continue, stressing that the aspiration for a Palestinian state cannot be rejected.

3 days of official visit

Interestingly, Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Saudi Arabia, Wednesday, for an official visit that will last 3 days, during which it will hold bilateral meetings and participate in 3 summits: a Saudi-Chinese summit chaired by King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the Chinese president, and the participation of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

And a Gulf-China summit with the participation of Gulf Cooperation Council leaders.

And an Arab-Chinese summit with the participation of the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab countries.

The three summits discuss strengthening relations in all fields.

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