The chronology of Joe and Teresa Giudice’s 20-year relationship was filled with rumors and cheating scandals before their separation

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Teresa Giudice had split after 20 years of marriage, but there weren’t many people shocked by the news. . Joe and Teresa have had serious problems with their relationship in recent months due to the drama of Joe’s deportation, which has sparked many rumors of separation. But, their problems started a long time ago.

Joe and Teresa had known each other their entire lives before becoming husband and wife on October 23, 1999, when they were both 27 years old. It didn’t take long for the couple to start a family, as they welcomed their daughter Gia in January 2001.

They continued to expand their family in October 2004 when their second daughter Gabriella arrived, and in February 2006 their daughter Milania was born.

When Teresa was pregnant with their fourth daughter Audriana, Bravo added her with Joe to the original cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2009, and the very first season premiered on May 12 of the same year. Just four months after the premiere, Teresa gave birth to Audriana.

But living their lives in front of the cameras quickly turned out to be a challenge for Teresa and Joe’s relationship. And, it didn’t take long for the rumors to revolve around the fact that Joe was cheating on the family’s former nanny who happened to be his secretary.

At the RHONJ meeting in October 2012, Jacqueline Laurita revealed that Teresa had told her that she had met Joe when he had someone on his desk in his office, and that Teresa had “caught him with the secretary, baby sitter”.

Despite rumors and accusations of infidelity, Joe and Teresa renewed their vows almost 12 years after their marriage. Teresa told In Touch Weekly that she was happy with her second marriage because marriage meant better or worse, and everything they had experienced had made them stronger.

“I wanted to show my daughters that marriage is really important, as is mutual loyalty,” said Teresa.

However, the renewal of vows did not stop the rumors of cheating. In fact, they got worse because there were many reports that Joe had more than one business. An insider said at the time that Teresa came from an Italian religious family who does not believe in divorce, but things had gotten so bad that she was considering leaving Joe.

It was around this time that Joe and Teresa’s legal problems started. In July 2013, they were charged and faced 39 counts, including bankruptcy, bank fraud and wire fraud. At first, the couple pleaded not guilty and tried to fight the charges, but in March 2014, they decided to plead guilty and reach an agreement.

Teresa ended up serving a 15-month sentence in a federal prison and Joe was sentenced to 41 months. However, they did not have to serve their sentence at the same time, as the court agreed that a parent should be with the children.

Teresa went to prison for the first time in January 2015. Then, after serving 11 months and was released, Joe reported to federal prison in March 2016. When Teresa was in prison, rumors of infidelity surrounding Joe continued. An insider said he saw Joe connect with a girl named Jamie Jackson in Atlantic City, but denied the charge.

When Joe started serving his sentence, the separation wreaked havoc on Teresa.

“She was, and still is, very angry with Joe for placing their family in this position,” said an insider in 2017. “She was at the height of her success when it all fell apart. They went on vacation “Fabulous and had nice cars and jewelry and most importantly their freedom. Joe ruined everything. She doesn’t visit Joe in prison as often as before.”

Eventually, rumors of infidelity began to follow Teresa, and sources began to assert in October 2017 that she planned to divorce Joe after his release from prison.

“People think I would never leave Joe. But this is not the case. If things are not going well with Joe… between us when he gets home, I would absolutely end our relationship, ”wrote Teresa in her book Standing Strong.

After a judge ordered Joe’s deportation in October 2018, cameras repeatedly captured Teresa with Blake Schreck, a man 20 years younger than him. And at the RHONJ meeting in early 2019, Teresa hinted that the marriage was over because she couldn’t manage a relationship from a distance.

Finally, when Joe was released from police custody in October 2019, he had to move to Italy to await the decision in his appeal for expulsion. And when Teresa and their daughters visited her in November, the couple reportedly decided it was time to officially separate and move on.

“Teresa and Joe separated, but everyone saw it coming. No one is really surprised, ”said a source. “Even their daughters knew it was going to happen and their recent trip to Italy was to spend quality time together and discuss the real issue – they separated.”


New episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey are broadcast Wednesday evening on Bravo.

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