The Citizen Account Program deposits 1.9 billion riyals to beneficiaries in September

Today, Thursday, the Citizen Account Program in Saudi Arabia deposited 1.9 billion riyals intended to support the month of September for beneficiaries whose applications have been completed, and the number of beneficiaries who met the eligibility criteria in the 46th installment reached 10.5 million. beneficiaries and continued.

According to a statement by the program, the total compensation paid retroactively from the previous payment amounted to 21 million riyals, bringing the total amount paid by the program to beneficiaries since its inception to more than 103 billion riyals (approximately $ 27.5 billion). ), of which 854 million riyals are compensation for previous payments.

Citizen Account Program official spokesperson Sultan Al-Qahtani said 77% of beneficiaries received support in this lot, and the average support for a family was 1,057 riyals, while the number of heads of households reached more than 2 million heads of households, or 93%.

The number of dependents exceeded 8.3 million beneficiaries and the number of self-employed persons who met the eligibility criteria exceeded 164 thousand beneficiaries, making up 7% of the total of the main beneficiaries.

Al-Qahtani pointed out that the percentage of household heads reaches 92%, while the percentage of female household heads is 8%, while the percentage of independent women is 43% and independent males constitute 57%, explaining that 85 % of the total independents received the full entitlement, while 15% received the partial and minimum entitlement.

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