The City of Taif and the Camel Federation are participating to enhance the visual scene at Taif Camel Square

The complementary partnership between the Saudi Camel Federation and the Municipality of Taif has helped make the Crown Prince Festival in its third edition the place it deserves.

The secretariat has carried out many accomplishments and tasks, including the removal and treatment of visual distortions, starting with the roads leading to the camel camp and ending with the camel camp, with up to 150 visual distortions, and 129 were planted. trees and 1213 shrubs, including Euphorbia cactus, Six Palms, Judge’s Aunt cactus and Mexican Hat cactus, Umm al-Laban cactus, American Agave cactus, Candelabra cactus, spread and scatter, trees and welcome plaques at the festival entrances and on the facade of the main stage, electrical maintenance work within the festival, as well as sidewalks, landscape and photographic easels, placement of billboards and festival reception, creation of a colored carpet and other works Installation of welcome and notice boards, construction of the colored carpet and the logo of the two swords and the palm tree, cleaning and installation of flags inside and outside the camel camp and on the roads leading to the camp, where the total number reached around 100 flags.

These efforts were made with a human capacity of 330 people, including managers, engineers, labor and manual labor leaders working on two shifts, morning and evening, and 93 stomachs, supporting the field with 100 containers and synthetic grass with a distance of 500 square meters.

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