The clamor continues in the elections for the presidency of the US Congress

Today, Thursday, Republicans busy behind the scenes to elect a speaker of the US House of Representatives and end the paralysis resulting from the opposition of some right-wing lawmakers from the party, Donald Trump, are lining up in opposition.

But that yielded no results. These deputies continued to oppose after an eighth vote, in an unprecedented scenario in a century.

This situation paralyzes the entire institution, as without a president, deputies cannot take the oath and therefore pass any bill.

“I hope Republicans stop arguing and backstabbing today in so we can work in service of the American people,” Democrat Hakeem Jeffries said Thursday.

These ultraconservatives distrust McCarthy and are taking advantage of the slim Republican majority they won in the November midterm elections to enforce their terms.

Without their support, McCarthy will not be in able to reach office, and accepted one of their requests to facilitate the procedures for dismissing the chairman of the board, according to the media Americans.

However, opposition to his candidacy is taking shape.

“We are determined to bring about profound change in this institution that is on the wrong track,” said North Carolina Representative Dan Bishop.

The election of the speaker of the House, the third most important figure in American politics after the president and his vice president, requires a majority of 218 votes. McCarthy failed to pass the 201-vote mark.

But the question remains, just how far McCarthy will go in able to continue your candidacy?

The Californian representative does not have a real competitor, and only the name of the head of the Republican caucus, Steve Scales, is circulating as a possible alternative, but his chances do not seem great.

Representatives will continue to vote until a speaker is elected. This could take hours or weeks: In 1856, members of Congress did not agree on a president until after two months and 133 sessions.

Rep. John James said, “There is no question that the issues on which we are divided today are far less serious than they were in 1856,” urging his colleagues to rush to support Kevin McCarthy.

The Democratic nominee spoke during a press conference ahead of the third day of voting.

Democratic President Joe Biden described this situation as “embarrassing”, noting that “the rest of the world” is watching this chaos.

Among most non-hardline Republicans, voices are starting to rise for a deal.

“We have work to do that we can’t get done,” lamented Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher.

As a result, Republicans cannot open the many investigations they promised against Joe Biden.

Trump broke his silence Wednesday and called on his own social network, his party to make every effort to avoid a “defeat”. “Now is the time for our House Republicans to vote for Kevin” McCarthy, who will do “a good job” or even a “fantastic job,” he said.

But the appeal of Trump, whose hegemony over the Republican Party has been put in discussion in recent months, it was not enough.

Democrats are watching this situation with some pleasure, and the Democratic Party is rallying for the nomination of Hakeem Jeffries, but the Representative doesn’t have the support of enough votes to be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Facing a hostile but disorganized House of Representatives could be politically favorable for Joe Biden if he confirms his intention to run again in 2024, a decision he will announce earlier this year.