The clash returns China asks Didi to leave the New York Stock Exchange

The clash has returned again between the United States and China, in the wake of the recent meeting between the presidents of the two countries.

Chinese authorities have asked giant Didi Global to clear its name from the New York Stock Exchange due to concerns about the leak of sensitive data.

According to Bloomberg, China’s technology supervisor has asked Didi’s management to expel the company from the New York Stock Exchange in an unprecedented move.

In July, the Chinese authorities opened an investigation into Didi aimed at “preventing risks related to the security of national data”.

The investigation came two days after the company’s massive initial public offering in New York, which led experts to believe the actions against Didi were part of a government crackdown. in course on the country’s tech giants.

Didi, the dominant taxi service app in China was among 34 tech companies summoned by Chinese antitrust authorities in April, including Alibaba and other tech companies like ByteDance, the owner of the popular TikTok app.

America is going up

The United States decided to add dozens of Chinese companies to a trade blacklist, which China has criticized.

“The publication by the US Department of Commerce of a new sanctions list is not in in line with the consensus agreed by the leaders of China and the United States, “said Xu Guoting, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, during a regular press conference yesterday in Beijing.

And he said Washington’s adoption of this step is detrimental to the two countries, the security of the global supply chain and the recovery of the global economy, Bloomberg News Agency reported.

The US Department of Commerce yesterday added a dozen Chinese companies to its “Entity List” for their involvement. in activities contrary to national security or foreign policy interests.

Suppliers will not be able to deal with listed companies unless they obtain special permission to do so.

Last week, US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping attended their first face-to-face meeting, in which the two sides stressed the need for further talks between their respective governments.

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