The class is in session with The Sims 4 Discover University


  • Register your Sims today!
  • Despite all the fun activities on campus, classes should come first if your Sim wants to be successful in his future career.
  • Experiment with your Sim’s personal expression, from new piercings and hairstyles to university loot that they can get at campus kiosks.

Welcome to The Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack, now available on Xbox One! After signing up for courses in the city of Britechester, it’s time to find out about all the possibilities of university life. After all, college is about more than just academics – even if they are also important.

a school

With two renowned school options to choose from
From here, Sims can’t go wrong when they embark on their educational journey. The handsome
The University of Britechester is particularly known for shaping students
smart, versatile Sims ready to face the challenges of the world and one
Variety of courses with a strong focus on arts and humanities. If your
Sim is more enthusiastic about technology, the modern Foxbury Institute is impressive
Institutions as well as events and renowned degree programs
towards science and technology.


Despite all the fun activities on campus, yours is
Sims’ top priority should be classes if they want to be successful in their future
Career. Choose from a variety of possible degrees: art history, biology,
Drama or Villainy for example – and make sure Sims go to their lectures to prepare
for presentations and finish all your homework. If you have problems, maybe
Let them join a study group.


Whether your Sims choose to live in one on campus
Dormitory or commute from home, you can explore and decorate with a lot of new things
College prey. Make it a place to study or a place to spend the night
Meeting points with posters, mini fridges and many topics related to the university
Proud. Just make sure you get along with your roommates when you have them or
Things could get uncomfortable!

To get

Bikes are here! Your Sim can pedal
Campus to explore all of their new alma mater offerings from the student
commons to the library. Bicycles are especially helpful when your Sim is running
little late for class and needs to get going to save her grades!

On the campus

There are many new experiences on the
Horizon for your Sims! While academics are important (no slacking off if you want to
to stay in school!), it’s also good to have fun and learn things outside of school
Classroom too! Check out all the clubs on campus from the bot
Savants and the Brainiacs at Foxbury Institute to the Debate Guild and Art
Company at U of B. Unofficially, your Sims can challenge their classmates
Some juice pong at a party, try a barrel stand, or participate in the heated one
School rivalry with some unruly gimmicks and pranks. If all of this is not true
Your Sims alley, maybe they want to investigate the rumors about a particular one
Secret society …


College is all about trial and error – including
stylish evenings and the following fashion disasters the next day. experiment
with the personal expression of your Sims, from new piercings and hairstyles to
You can get university loot from the campus kiosks. It is the perfect time for this
Explore how they present themselves to the world.


It may be blatant to discuss it, but it is one
real concern for students! How do your Sims want to pay?
your future? Check out the grants awarded to athletics and academics
now, or take out student loans if they have to wait until after graduation
pay it back.

Don’t be afraid to push your Sim’s boundaries in the library and at the juice pong table. Take a chance and meet new people, invest in the future of your Sims, master all the necessary skills and above all explore who your Sims are – and who they want to be. Any university experience is possible here. Are you ready to create these memories for your Sims? The Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack is now available in the Microsoft Store.

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