The clothes racks also showed the Americans where they killed bin Laden

Among what the CIA pointed to the house where al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was staying, and who killed him in a raid launched by a “special force” on it at dawn on May 2, 2011 in the city of “Abbotabad.” American Peter Bergen of 416 pages, and begins to be sold Tuesday in the United States and abroad, and the American newspaper The “New York Post” yesterday summarized the most important.

The author of the book “The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden” states that the leader of “Al-Qaeda” asked his bodyguard, Ibrahim Abdel Hamid, to build a large house in Abbottabad for the residence of his family and some of his aides, after being reassured that the hell of American pursuits was no longer targeting him. a section attached to the house, Ibrahim and his brother are left with their family members, and it is he who appears in a video before it was later demolished.

However, Pakistani security services learned of Ibrahim’s presence in city ​​and kept looking for him, until they found him driving in 2010. They followed him and identified the house in where he resides, and they started monitoring him and gathering information about him. and the house, which they found surrounded by a 5.5 meter high fence, and topped with wires. Without knowing that bin Laden resides there with his three wives and 8 of his children, as well as 4 grandchildren, the echo of that that they learned that bin Laden’s bodyguard reached the CIA, which began monitoring the house as well.

He was walking in the courtyard at night

What caught the attention of the CIA agents was the absence of any telephone lines, not even an internet connection for a huge apartment complex, the owner of which appears to be wealthy and in where a large number of people reside. However, its windows are few and its upper balcony is surrounded by high walls on all sides, which in Later it turned out to be just bin Laden. Then they learned another important thing, which is that the inhabitants of the house do not throw their garbage in the garbage like other neighbors do, but are used to burning it.

The clothes racks also showed the Americans where they killed bin Laden

The author and his 416-page book

As for the clothes that are hung out to dry on ropes, they confirmed the quantity to the secret service agents regarding a large number of people, while their quality confirmed that some of them were adult men and women, as well as 9 children , which recalled bin Laden’s lifestyle in Afghanistan in earlier, so the CIA concluded that the resident in the house is none other than the leader of “Al-Qaeda” and his wives, especially since some of his clients used to see from an apartment they rented in front of the house a man tall who pops up with binoculars walking around his yard at night most of the time, and they haven’t seen him come out at least once, so they raid him for 40 minutes and kill him.

It is worth noting that Peter Bergen, the author of the book, is a professor at Arizona State University and a national security analyst for the American television network CNN, has also held teaching positions at Harvard and Johns Hopkins universities and author of 8 books, 3 of which are bestsellers in the United States, as well as 4 considered among the best non-fiction books.

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