The Coalition: Destroy two explosive boats in Salif and avert an impending attack

Today, Monday, the Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen reported that two Houthi militia boats in Salif were destroyed and an imminent attack was thwarted.

The coalition condemned the continued threat of the Houthis to navigation in the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the southern Red Sea, and the continued violation by the Houthi militia of the Stockholm Agreement by launching hostile operations from Hodeidah.

Interestingly, the Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen announced last Wednesday that air defenses had intercepted and destroyed an explosive march launched by Houthi militias towards Abha airport.

The coalition said violations of international law by the Houthi militia are serious and affect civilians, and that it is firmly addressing the sources of threats to protect civilians and civilian objects from hostile attacks.

It should be noted that for some time these militias have continued their attempts to target civilian and economic objectives in the Kingdom, in attempts that have aroused the condemnation of several Arab and Western countries, underlining their support for the Kingdom and its security, denouncing the terrorist attacks of the Houthis.

These repeated and increasing attempts by the Houthis during the latter period arrive in one moment in which the United Nations is trying to establish a ceasefire in Yemen, in order to revive negotiations, in order to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict in course on for years.

Arab Parliament: the Houthis threaten navigation

The Arab parliament condemned the attempt by the Houthi militia to carry out a terrorist attack using two explosive boats in the port of Salif overlooking the Red Sea, an attack that the Saudi-led coalition forces have successfully dealt with.

The Arab parliament stressed that the attempt by the Houthi militia poses a threat to maritime navigation in the Bab al-Mandab strait and the southern Red Sea, and a continuation of the violation of the Stockholm Agreement by launching hostile operations from Hodeidah, which requires a firm international stance to address terrorist acts and hold planners, supporters, funders and those who support them, be they individuals, groups or countries, accountable.

The Arab Parliament expressed full confidence in Saudi Arabia’s ability to defeat terrorism and to defeat terrorist groups, underlining its solidarity with Riyadh and its support in resolutely addressing all that threatens its security and stability and affects its own. interests.

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