The coalition: hostile behavior and dangerous escalation of the Houthis by deploying 14 sea mines in a week

The Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen said Thursday evening that the Houthi militia has deployed 14 sea mines in a week, hostile behavior and a dangerous escalation.

The coalition explained that its efforts destroyed 220 marine mines that posed a threat to commercial ships and oil tankers.

He stressed that sea mines threaten navigation and world trade in the southern Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab.

Meanwhile, the coalition has announced the interception and destruction of a ballistic missile launched at civilians in the city of Jizan, southwest of Saudi Arabia.

The coalition said: “We have detected suspicious activity and hostility movements from Sana’a International Airport,” adding that “Sana’a Airport has transformed in a military barracks to launch cross-border hostilities “.

Mines planted by Houthi militia after coup against legitimate authority in late 2014 continue to kill and injure thousands of Yemeni civilians in more than a’area.

For its part, the engineering teams of the Saudi “Masam” project and the teams of the National Demining Program continue their work, but encounter great difficulties in the clearing process, as the Houthi militias have placed thousands of mines and explosive devices without maps and casually.

According to the “Masam” project and the National Demining Program, nearly two million mines have been planted by the militias in separate areas, of different sizes and locations, land or sea, and the means to camouflage them.

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